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02 January 2016

Welcome 2016.. Car price is up already.. Malaysian assets going to foreigners

Back to what Rafidah Aziz had said, we can conclude that 1MDB is indeed a useless company. Not only it is a useless company, it is also a harmful one. 1MDB had impacted Malaysians via:
b) Malaysians, through 1MDB had wastefully made to owe billions to buy assets which in the period of just a couple of years, they lost the ownership of these assets. These investments can now be considered as being squandered by 1MDB
d) Malaysians were promised a lower electricity bills when the IPPs were initially bought in 2012 but the tariffs went up 15% in 2014 eventually
e) strategic power assets in the country are now being owned and controlled by foreigners
f) precious tracts of land meant for bumiputra development were sold for cheap by the Government to 1MDB, causing the Government to lose money and yet 1MDB sold the land to a third party at market value; of which the money will not return into the national coffers, but will be used to pay off debts. Malaysians lose twice in this stupid move. (Najib Razak and his pet CEO did say the sale of their strategic assets will reduce the RM42 billion debts)
g) RM950 million which could have been used to pay compensation to highway operators (as what had been traditionally done) so that there won’t be any toll hikes, were used to bail out 1MDB as standby credit instead
If 1MDB had not been established, Malaysians may have experienced:
a) when the IPP concessionaire ends, these IPPs can be bought by TNB at a much lower price
b) a Malaysian company did not have to owe an astronomical figure of RM42 billion just to buy the assets which they had to re-sell in order to pay that RM42 billion loan
c) Malaysian owned IPPs and Kuala Lumpur’s crown jewels do not have to fall in the hands of foreigners
d) ministers and Najib Razak’s sycophants won’t sound that stupid everytime they talk in order to defend 1MDB
e) Malaysians do not have to suffer the humiliation in having a cowardly, deceitful and clueless leadership.
Welcome to 2016; where Malaysians are ushering yet another year of absurdity and monkey business by the government.

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