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13 July 2015

Wah.. Cina Lowyat Makin Naik Kepala?

LOW YAT殴斗事件 【近距离】录制版本 ᴴᴰ
[暴力视频] 【LOW YAT殴斗事件 近距离录制版本】 ᴴᴰ- 这视频更清楚看得到谁挑拨谁了!!! 总之打人就错先! 真的没教养! 你们应该打重一点! 太轻了! 我们的警察, 你们在睡觉吗? 希望各位如再遇到此情形, 出手相助打倒匪徒! 不能被他们得逞! 各位, 一定要Share出去! - This video will be more clear than previous and what the police is doing? Did police do anything about this case? PDRM , Please do something about this! Guys, this video doesn't involve in any racial and religion issue and please don't drag in to be racist issue. Thank you. Like 赞✔ Tag 标签✔ Share 分享✔更多精彩有趣的视频,电影预告,新鲜事与趣图 Like ► 笑 Die Me ◄
Posted by 笑 Die Me on Sunday, July 12, 2015

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