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15 July 2015

Laman Blog CAGM Membuat Penipuan

Dear Malaysians,

We thank you for your support in reading our blog diligently.

Today is a great day for us.

It is a greater day for journalism in Malaysia.
We have come a long way in less than two months since we first issued our first press statement on May 28.

Today is a great day for us because it shows how far we can go in Malaysia if we know how to sell a ‘great’ story.

Today, we know all it takes is diligence, hard work and a computer with internet connection (plus a mobile phone line) to make a difference.

You must have been pretty sure that you were reading only the truth all this while from us and from all the online news portals out there that made us famous overnight since we first started issuing press statements on May 28.

Well, you must have also been pretty sure that we are a bona-fide organization as claimed and that I am Md. Zainal Abidin, a lawyer as claimed.

Unfortunately, we hate to break this news to you.

It is time to reveal the truth.

To our respected editors from Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini and all other online news portals, it breaks our heart to say this to you:

There is no such lawyer by the name of Md. Zainal Abdin.

There are no 2,000 over members in CAGM and we don’t have millions in our account to give to whistleblowers.

And no, we don’t have a SD that implicates the PM in any financial misdeeds.
CAGM was just an experiment in social media in Malaysia.

CAGM grew only because we were supported by editors who refused to check the facts but thrived on reporting sensational news.

We became famous because editors wanted us to tell stories that could sell. Guess we did a great job.

Not one single news portal bothered to check the one simple fact: 


All they had to do was check with the Bar Council and the cover would have been blown immediately on Day 1.

But no, everyone wanted a sensational story.

No one bothered to check with the ROS if ever such an organization as CAGM exists.

Even journalists from reputable foreign newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal fell for our tricks.

Anyway, we have to post a few interesting stuff for our readers before we bid farewell.

Let’s start with the redacted SD. 

It was a fictitious SD.

1 comment:

  1. CAGM berjaya mempermainkan M'kini & geng dan mendedahkan mentaliti editor mereka.


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