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25 April 2015

Are DAP Using Indians To Create Distruption?

On March this year, P.Ramasamy from DAP has issued a statement as follows: "I have never been afraid to face the Malays if the bloody riot ever happens again because I have long been prepared. MIC, GERAKAN and MCA might be afraid. If you want 13 May, bring it now"

I have shared this statatement in my facebook and challenged my friends to profile the hidden meaning behind his statement. No one get it right so I decided to explain it here.

The first thing you need to know is that P.Ramasamy is known in Penang for his affiliation with gangsters. In fact, spokesman N. Ganesan from HINDRAF had once lodged police report that thugs were sent by both Lim Guan Eng and Ramasamy to disrupt their meeting and prevent the submission of a memorandum on the poor management of the crematorium by the Penang Hindu Endowment Board (HEB).

Once you get the idea that P.Ramasamy has affiliation with gangsters (Penang itself is home to more than 8000 members of gangsters) then you would know where all his guts came from when he said he has long been prepared for another 13th May. In a way he was actually referring to DAP and the gang's preparation for the upcoming riot. He further challenged the Malays to bring it now which basically means that the preparation has reached its final stages and the DAP now is fully prepared to unleash the Indian gangsters to do their bidding.

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