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24 June 2014

Not VIP but VIA from Tun Mahathir


VIA - Very Important Advice 

Some advice from Dr Mahathir Mohamad last week:

  • “in new democracies, the Opposition simply opposes”
  • “The objective of the Opposition is to bring down the Government and to take over.”
  • “They are not really interested in issues … These issues are good only for blackening the governing party so as to bring it down.”
  • “It is a mistake for the Government to accede to or meet the demands of the Opposition.” [Bowing down will not bring the gomen any support from either the oppo or their fanatical supporters.]
  • “They will either belittle the Government’s decision or they will come up with new issues.” [The attacks against the gomen will still continue without stop.]
  • “The Government has gained nothing and has lost a lot due from trying to please the Opposition. Has the Government learnt the lesson?”
No. Clearly not.
Dr M also said gomen supporters feel betrayed and angry with the gomen (read: Najib) which they regard as weak for bowing again and again to the opposition’s outrageous demands … True.
Dr M predicts that gomen supporters will withdraw their support from the BN if the administration (read: Najib) fails to learn its lesson.

1 comment:

  1. Betul...
    Kami org UMNO dan Melayu rasa ditipu
    dan dikhianati oleh Najib


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