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16 June 2014

KLIA2 Cheaper By 23% Compare to LCCT

It has been reported that KLIA2 was 23% cheaper to build than the LCCT and the modern KLIA2 was justRM4,280 per sq meter, compared to RM5,567 for LCCT.

By the way, LCCT was built like a warehouse that cost RM100 million initially and about two years later it was extended and renovated costing anotherRM123.9 million. Total cost of LCCT was about  RM224 million!   The contract was awarded to Fajar Baru Builder (Rembau) Sdn Bhd not by way of Open Tender.

The extension and renovation project of LCCT was again awarded to Fajar Baru Builder (Rembau) eventhough it was not the lowestHERE. 

When Fajar Baru Builder (Rembau) was awarded with the project it has no experience in building airport and yet it was given the LCCT project.

At that time, Fajar Baru Builder (Rembau) main business was “INVESTMENT HOLDING & PROVISION FOR MANAGEMENT OF SERVICE”.

YB Datuk Nur Jaslan and/or YB Tony Pua, why both of you are not interested in examining this LCCT projects, which was like a “horse stable” costing aboutRM224 million many years ago?

Aren’t both of them not interested to hear what Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has to say about this “horse stable” project?

Perhaps LCCT project deserves a separate posting at a later date.

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