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04 September 2013

PEMANDU Mabuk Lagi

WOW.. PEMANDU consultant eating up tax payers money like nobody business.. Are these people competent and deserve to earn so much from tax payers money???

Hot stuff at PEMANDU drives bloggers nuts

The attack on Pemandu has gotten hotter, personal ...
...and deeper
The day PM Najib Razak announced the 20 sen petrol/diesel price increase, several mainstream bloggers were invited to attend a media briefing at the Ministry of Finance. During the briefing a top official suggested that the present editors and bloggers make up a discussion group to provide feedback, brickbats, etc to his Ministry regarding the subsidy rationalisation program, the upcoming Budget, policies, etc. After the briefing, bloggers being bloggers they went straight to work, telling the top official that austerity measures won't work if the Government continues to waste precious ringgit. 
Top Official: Waste, on what?
MS Blogger: I can send you a list of 100 wasteful things the government's doing.
TO: Such as?
MSB: Like paying huge salaries to undeserved consultants at PEMANDU. 
(The dialogue went on a little longer, with a resolution to follow through with actions, but that's a story for another day). 
Since its inception, Pemandu (which is Malay for "driver" or "guide") has not been viewed favorably by the government-friendliest bloggers. Privately, some of Najib's own Cabinet ministers are suspicious of Idris Jala, the Minister in the PM's Department who's heading Pemandu.  Inevitably, comparisons are made between Pemandu and the good old Economic Plannig Unit in the PM's Department, which has served the country well for decades without having to rely on million-bucks foreign consultants. 
Syed Akbar Ali, who may or may not have burned his bridges with the Najib Razak administration, wrote two damning postings on Pemandu in the last few days:
Now the anonymous The Benchmark, who in January exposed Wawaas Anwar Ibrahim's Trojan Horse in Bank Islam, says there is another Trojan Horse, this time in the Prime Minister's Department and courtesy of Pemandu. 
Read The Benchmark's Pemandu: Proof of Incompetence (Pics Attached)  

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