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23 September 2013

Chin Peng Dah Mati.. Nak Apa Lagi..

Chin Peng dah mati, apa yg kecuh tak habis lagi.. kepala komunis dah mati, bagus la.. nak bakar ke tanam ke, biar je la.. yg sibuk nak bawak balik ke Malaya, Tanah Melayu atau Malaysia buat apa? Dah tak ada kena mengena dah..
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Anonymous said...
Chin Peng and gang killed, maimed a lot of people. Sabotaged the economy for many decades.
Even after signing the peace treaty, they NEVER apologised. Let alone express remorse.
And now some people want forgive and forget? What the fu*k? Pls stop the nonsense. Yes, people like Tunku Abidin et al, pls stop. Tunku, if you have any balls pls join the army.
Anonymous said...

I think this country, on both sides of the political divide - both a re equally at fault - is spending way too much time and effort on this.

There are far more urgent issues to be resolved. I find it amazing that people can even write about "the spectre of Communism" re-invading Malaysia. There are enough insidious forces here already without chasing extinct phantoms.

Modern Malaysian politics. A few grams of cremated chinaman, dog trainers, suraus, old flags and old poets, school toilets, crappy propaganda films about a 44-year-old incident, and finger-pointing all around. These drive the so-called "national debate".

The superficial elevated to important, the artificially racialised, the sabre-rattling. Both sides are at fault.

Get a grip, people.
Anonymous said...
we also know one leader who was a jap stooge that killed millions of people...
Indians in Malay Mail said...
These are anti Malay and anti Malaysia indians editors in MalayMail. Catch them and sent them to whereever hole they came from.

These indians are masquerading as Malays.
Anonymous said...
Chinpeng's body should have been soaked in caustic soda. This will prevent unnecessary controversies regarding the management of the ashes.

Anyway, I am talking about method of disposing roadkills. No hard feeling readers out there..
Anonymous said...
To those who think Chin Peng is a hero...

Imagine if anyone esp Afghanis glorified Osama bin Laden as a war hero (he did fight the Soviet invasion and help drove them out), would you not squirm at the man that caused 3000+ people to die on 9/11?

So, why in any common sense would you glorify Chin Peng?

And stop comparing it to the Japs, the Japanese government had to apologies, pay out compensation, and their leaders were convicted of war trials, executed or hanged to death.

Yet you get CPM leaders who partake in maiming and killing of Malayan and Malaysian who walk away freely, and Chin Peng not regretting anything...put things in perspective before calling him a "independence hero".

Anonymous said...
chin peng is a brutal genocide devil who should be burnt in hell.
so who the fuck glorified chin peng? are they waiting for another riot?
Anonymous said...
Two rules in History either you are Bad (villain) or you are good (Hero). Wiston churcill is Hero while Hitler is Villian. Chin Peng is bad a Villain who choose a wrong path to free the country while our forefathers in History are the good (Heroes) ones as they choose the right path to gain independence. SO forget the bad ones and let buried it. History is for the next generation to learn lesson. We have learned our lesson so no issue on Chin Peng. He died and let his soul rest in peace at the place he died. Full Stop.
Anonymous said...

it's not a bad idea to allow the vile CP's ashes to be brought back.

the Opposition is going to capitalize on Chin Peng's death by getting a gigantic memorial to be built in Thailand - either Bangkok or Chiangmai to commemorate the late MCP's numero unos passing.

The will then make sure Malaysia's name is tarnished by putting in a stone plaque which states :-

"Here Lies The Remains of The Late Ong Boon Hua aka Chin Peng Because UMNO Government of Malaysia Broken The Peace Treaty of 1989 Signed By The Then PM, Thai Government & MCP"

We should not allow the Opposition to cast such a shame to Malaysia.

If his ashes are brought back; at least a memorial/shrine can not be had.

I shudder to think this will allow Communists Sympathisers to use this moment to attack Malaysia.
Anonymous said...
There were quite a number of chinese butchered by the PKM. It wasnt just to the Malays although majority of the victims were Malays.

Haven't heard him apolologized. Besides, he was not a citizen of Malaysia, is he?

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