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19 August 2013

List of MAS Foreign Managers

The Questionable appointments after the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap
Yours truly has already talked about the infamous appointment of that Shane Nollanfrom PlaneConsult.
1. Mr Shihaj Kutty
Danny appointed Mr Shihaj Kutty as the Head of Pricing in MAS. He was formerly from Etihad. Before that he was with Gulf Air and the local KLM office in Qatar.
He is a highly qualified person. His academic qualification is Hotel Administration, which he obtained from Welcom Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration in India.
His so-called expertise is more on pricing, if any, and with little or no knowledge of Network and Revenue Management.  He was, however, promoted to take over the post held by Dr Hugh Dunleavy (i.e. Head of Network Revenue Management).
Dr Hugh Dunleavy
Dr Hugh Dunleavy, a former employee of Westjet and now the Director for Commercial of MAS
2.  Dr Hugh Dunleavy
He was appointed on 16-1-2012 under contract for 2 years as Head of Network and Revenue Management.  At that material time, Mr Shihaj Kutty was reporting to him.
After Shane Nollan left MAS, AJ saw it fit to promote him as the Director of Commercial of MAS.
Dr Hugh was formerly from the low cost carrier Westjet in Canada. He was made redundant after Westjet went through a restructuring exercise in October 2011 when he was the vice president of strategy and planning.
Did Dr Hugh go through a proper interview in person before his appointment? No one seems to be able to confirm this.
After he was appointed as Director for Commercial, that Shihaj Kutty took over from Dr Hugh’s post as Head of Network and Revenue Management.
For the background, Director of Commercial is a very important post in MAS. Prior to the MAS – AirAsia share swap, this post was held by YM Tengku  Azmil, who was the then CEO of MAS. YM Tengku Azmil had to leave MAS as the CEO within a few days after the said infamous share swap!
Mr Duncan Bureau
Mr Duncan Bureau, former employee from Westjet, a low cost career
3.  Mr Duncan Bureau
Mr Duncan Bureau was brought into MAS as Senior Vice President Sales & Distribution.
He was Senior Analyst Route Development in Westjet. He was made redundant inWestjet when it went through a restructuring exercise in 2011.
Mr Dean Dacko
Mr Dean Dacko, former Air Canada employee and now VP of Marketing in MAS
4.  Mr Dean Dacko
Mr Dean Dacko was recently brought into MAS as senior Vice President Marketing and Promotion. He also heads Enrich.
He took over from En Al-Ishal Ishak, who was instrumental in changing MAS corporate colour and its logo from RED and BLUE to the miserable pale blue that would have cost MAS million of RM (the livery on the new A380).  En Al-Ishal Ishak has left MAS a few months ago to join AirAsia HERE.
He was from Air Canada. Air Canada went through restructuring too in 2011 and more than 100 positions were axed. Rumour has it that Mr Dean Dacko left Air Canada after the restructuring exercise.
Mr John Felix
Mr John Felix
5.  Mr John Felix 
Mr John Felix of Sri Lankan origin was recently brought into MAS to head MASholidays.
He was with Emirates from 2000 to 2010.  He then joined Destination Asia as COO for the region. It is believed that he is a friend of Mr Dean Dacko, the present MAS Vice President of Marketing and Promotions.
6  Mr Umesh Chibber
Mr Umesh Chibber was recently brought into MAS as Vice President for Pricing.  He took over from Shihaj Kutty.
7.  Mr Bennet  Stephens
Mr Bennet Stephens, an Indian national, was recently brought into MAS as Senior Manager for Commercial but located in Sydney.  Since AJ gave away the additional Sydney route to AirAsiaX , why was there a necessity to station a senior vice president in Sydney.
By the way the Government reserved the additional Sydney route for MAS for one year so that MAS could operate its A380 to Sydney. But AJ was so powerful that he could ignore the condition set by the government.
8.  Mr Thomas Michael 
Mr Thomas Michael, an Indian national, was brought into MAS as Vice President Operations Research.

AJ and his top management in MAS had to provide answers as to why the majority of these important appointees are from low cost airline when MAS is a legacy airline of at least 40 years old unlike Westjet and others airlines which these 8 so-called foreign “EXPERTS” came from.

The reporting structures of these newbies in MAS

Mr Umesh Chibber, Mr Bennet Stephens and Mr Thomas Michael are reporting toMr Shihaj Kutty.
Rumour has it that another foreigner will be brought into MAS very very soon but no one is sure to head which department. Hopefully he or she will not be a replacement for AJ after mid of September 2013!
All the newbies including that Shihaj Kutty are reporting to another newbie namely Dr Hugh Dunleavy.  What a “Happy Family”!
Yours truly believes that the total salaries that MAS had to cough out for these foreigners must be in the region of at least a few hundred thousand Ringgit!  Is the MAS Ringgit well spent for them?

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