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04 May 2013

Your Vote Is Not A Gamble

In 2008 people protest BN and vote for PR and was hoping to fare better in many ways... but today we end up with PR leaders hungry for more power and even fight against each other in same party or even fight between parties within PR coalition.
On the other hand, BN has actually learned from the protest votes and seems to take corrective action to improve. It can be said some improvement are seen and we expect BN to further improve. 
My comment is that when PR cant govern 3 parties in their coalition, how would the people expect or even trust PR to govern Malaysia. PR leaders will end up fighting for position and power instead of serving the Rakyat.
Yes there are corruption in both BN and PR goverment, face the fact that you cant run away from this, but serious and continuous effort must be exercised to reduce and reduce to the minimum.
PR even have far worst nepotism with the top leaders family like Anwar, Karpal, Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz all holding important position in their parties. 
Even PR admit they are corrupt! 

BN has transformed.. 50% new young and woman candidates. Those who fight on Bebas has been fired! BN are no strict and cleaning up the mess.. Give your mandate, they will improve.
Israel pray for PR to win.. WHY? Big question. Western power waiting for PR to be government and Selat Melaka will be at stake. This article will be longer if i need to explain.
This PRU in not only for Malaysian, the western powers have their stake and interest in our country and PR is the door opener. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN!
Vote wisely tomorrow! #Vote4BN 

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