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04 May 2013

Anwar Writes A Letter

Anwar Ibrahim Writes A Letter

The last time Anwar Ibrahim wrote a long boring letter was from inside prison. I believe he wrote a letter to the CIA protege who was once the Rector of the Islamic University here in Malaysia. This fellow now heads the CIA linked International Institute of Islamic Thought or IIIT in the US.

Although addressed to an individual person the letter was intentionally leaked and published in the Reformasi media at that time. To create the image that Dr Mahathir was anti-Islam,  Anwar described in that letter how Dr Mahathir had refused to read a very, very important book on Islam which he had recommended to Dr Mahathir. The book in question (cant recall the title) was written by the late Said Ramadan (the father of Tariq Ramadan).  

Here is the catch - the book was a skinny thin primer on Islam of just over a hundred pages. It was nowhere near being a "very, very important book" on Islam. I have a copy somewhere in my library. In the 90s it was read by first year students (including my wife) at the Islamic University to give them a basic understanding of Islam.  

I know for a fact that Said Ramadan's book sold for RM7/= only - a very cheap book. It is so obscure that you cannot even find it on the Internet. You cannot even find much references to Said Ramadan on the Internet. Equally obscure.

Of course most people - including you dear reader - would not know these things unless someone like me points out these tiny details. That is where the devil usually hides - in the details. As well as inside these type of  'religious' books.  But when the simple people read Anwar's letter at that time, they said, 'Wah, he reads huge thick books." That is the image he intends to convey.

Now here is something else for you to ponder - Anwar Ibrahim did read books on Islam - very, very thin, hundred page basic primers about Islam that was read by 1st year university students for RM7/= a copy. That was his level of understanding about Islam. And it still is until today.

Anyway, Anwar has now written another letter. Or so they say. My view is this letter is definitely not written by him. How do I know this? Because it is a superspin job. Anwar does not have the otak to write this type of spin. The spin fellows wrote it for him.

A friend who is also an academic asked me to look into this latest letter by Anwar Ibrahim. He suggested that I analyse the thing. I did.  It is titled :    Anwar Ibrahim: Mengapa Saya Bersungguh-sungguh Mahu Merebut Putarajaya?

Well I can reply the title straight away - dia mahu merebut Putrajaya sebab dia nak tutup kes buntot dia.  Its as simple as that.   

Anyway the letter already has one major flaw.  It is too damned long. It took me ages to digest all the crap he has thrown into the eight pages (on my laptop). Too long lah Buntot.  Your supporters dont have the smarts or the tenacity to read eight long pages lah. 

Anyway I have taken excerpts from the letter and I have then put my own comments. Here goes. 
  • luahan hati saya agar rakyat faham mengapa saya bersungguh-sungguh dan beria sangat ingin merebut Putrajaya.
Well he uses the right words - beria sangat ingin merebut Putrajaya. He is desperate.
  • Jika saya katakan ia bukanlah perjuangan peribadi bagi membela ketidakadilan yang telah berlaku ke atas saya, pastilah ramai yang tidak akan percaya dengannya. 
This is also true. Everyone knows for sure that he wants to become Prime Minister just for his own personal gain. 
  • Saya pernah dituduh liwat beberapa tahun lalu .. saya kemudiannya diheret semula ke mahkamah dengan tuduhan lain pula. Kali ini mereka mendakwa saya telah melakukan kesalahan ‘menyalahgunakan kuasa’.
This is a lie. He is twisting the facts. He was first charged with corrupt abuse of power of ordering  the Police to arrest, torture and extract a false confession from one Ummi Hafilda Ali - the sister of his dearly beloved Azmin Ali. Ummi had written a letter accusing him of having an affair with the wife of Azmin Ali. This is public knowledge. For this corrupt abuse of power he was jailed for six years. No less and no more. 

16 or 17 years after all these things happened (in the 1990s) he knows that the younger generation have no idea which came first - the corruption charge or the sodomy charge.  So dia klentong lah. Well young folks, the corruption charge came first. The sodomy came later.  Dont get conned a second time ok. (Also please ask yourself - why does your hro feel the need to lie about this too? Can any of you venture an opinion? Ini pun mahu tipu kah?)

Only after this event was he "diheret semula ke mahkamah" and charged with sodomy. He is twisting it the other way around.  Although later acquitted of sodomy, no less than 10 judges had agreed that they believed the sodomy did happen. They acquitted him on a technicality - the exact date and exact time of the sodomy was not established.  He also did not mention in his letter that when he was acquitted of sodomy George W Bush was the president of the US and Slumberjack was our Prime Minister. And Monday also came after Sunday.

Then he makes this fantastic confession in his letter :
  • Saya akui saya tersilap mempercayai anggota polis yang sering mengiringi saya ketika itu.
Folks, this is what Anwar Ibrahim confesses in his own letter. Folks, ini bukan saya cakap ok. Dia sendiri cakap. Allow me to repeat what he says : "Saya akui saya tersilap mempercayai anggota polis yang sering mengiringi saya ketika itu"

Pi dah mabuk. You were the Deputy Prime Minister. You were running the country. Takkan some blue uniformed Policeman could make you 'mempercayai' him? Jangan bohong. 

He mengaku that what he did was wrong. But he now blames some Policemen.  I have a question : "Habis pasal apa awak suruh Polis pi tangkap Ummi Hafilda dan 'gempaq dia sikit-sikit cukuplah'?"  Because that is what he said in open court. Anwar Ibrahim said in open court that he gave orders to the Police to go and find Ummi Hafilda, arrest her and then 'gempaq dia sikit-sikit cukup lah'

May I digress a little. That is why I keep repeating again and again - Anwar Ibrahim's problem is not just his jumping genes that jump out of his jeans. His real problem is he cannot think too well. Otak tak ada. What do you expect from a Malay Studies graduate who did not qualify to enter any other faculty in the University? He barely passed his exams. This guy is an intellectual dud. 
  • Saya telah meminta beliau menyiasat siapakah penulis buku ’50 dalil mengapa Anwar tidak boleh jadi PM’.
This is another lie by Anwar Ibrahim. At that time there was a Chinese lawyer in his circle - a muallaf Chinese masuk Islam who used to run a bookshop in Bangsar. This muallaf guy advised Anwar Ibrahim to go and make a police report about the book '50 Dalil...". Anwar Ibrahim did ask his close friend and mentor at that time Daim Zainudin for his advise. Daim told Anwar, 'Dont make any Police reports. Once you make a Police report they follow procedure and investigate everything."   But Anwar did not listen to Daim. (I told you this guy has no brains). He went ahead and made the Police report. The rest is history. 
  • Tun Mahathir mengaku dalam satu sidang video bahwa beliau memang sengaja mengada-adakan kesalahan saya bagi memastikan kerjaya politik saya berkubur dalam penjara Sg.Buloh. ..Anda juga boleh melihat pengakuan Tun Mahathir di link youtube ini:
Ha ha ha.  Folks, macam ini saja lah. Anwar fikir oleh sebab dia bodoh, tuan-tuan pun sama bodoh macam dia juga.  Go and listen to the YouTube Video. Dr Mahathir in his usual sarcastic self is making fun of  why Anwar went to jail.  Dr Mahathir tak mengaku apa pun. Dia kutuk Anwar. 
  • Tiba-tiba seorang pemuda mengaku diliwat oleh saya 
Seorang pemuda?  Ala-bapak! This is referring to Saiful Bukhari. I say brader - pemuda itu was your coffee boy man. You bawa dia pi sama you ke Tokyo dan Hong Kong. Duduk hotel yang sama. Takkan dah lupa kemut kut?  Here is a picture of the 'seorang pemuda' in light green shirt serving coffee.  Please explain two things : apa pasal awak bawa coffee boy pi ke Tokyo dan Hong Kong dan tidur di hotel mewah? Cuba jawab brader.  

And here is question No 2 - pasal apa bila 'seorang pemuda' itu buat laporan Polis awak liwat dia, awak lari pi ke Kedutaan Turki? Ini misteri besar bro. And while you were hiding in the Turkish Embassy did they serve you any Turkish Delights?  Turki pun tak jauh daripada Arab - especially bila you masuk kut pintu belakang.
  • Saya menolak untuk bersumpah kerana bukan saya yang sepatutnya bersumpah, tetapi orang yang mendakwa diliwatlah yang sepatutnya bersumpah laknat.
Huh? Memang pun. Saiful Bukhari went to the masjid and did the sumpah atas Quran. Why are you so afraid to angkat sumpah? If you tak payah angkat sumpah, then why did you sue Saiful Bukhari for RM100.0 million? And then later you dropped your suit against him. Why? Ini pelik lah brader. I say brader, ini kes tersilap spin lah. 
  • Dan berhubung DNA pula, saya enggan diambil sekali lagi sample DNA kerana mereka telah punyai DNA saya dalam pertuduhan kes liwat yang pertama dahulu. Saya bimbang seandainya mereka mempunyai muslihat jahat terhadap sample DNA terbaru itu nanti. Saya harus lebih berhati-hati.
Muslihat apa? Kalau nak muslihat depa tak payah ambil DNA baru. Depa boleh muslihat dengan DNA lama. Kalau nak muslihat depa boleh ambil DNA ayam atau kambing untuk muslihat.  Tapi depa tak buat muslihat. Depa suka ikut prosedur. 

By the way Papagomo has already put up Episode 3. You can watch it here 
  • Justeru itu saya berazam untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia 
Ha ha ha. Pi dah mabuk.
  • beberapa individu yang terbabit memfitnah saya dahulu ada yang telah mati dengan tragis dan ada pula yang masih hidup tetapi mengalami sakit yang aneh
There is some truth to this story. When he was in jail, his mother died. Folks say she was very sad about her son. Then both Anwar's lawyers also died - Christopher Fernando and Raja Aziz Addruse died. Aneh juga kanDua-dua mati. Then Karpal Singh had that accident and had to be seated in a wheel chair. Was that a bala Tuhan as well?  Now PI Bala has died of an untimely heart attack. Aneh juga. Another one of his lawyers Sulaiman Abdullah had to withdraw from his legal team after he too became very sick.  Aneh juga
  • Berhubung pemilikan harta, setakat ini belum ada bukti bahwa saya memiliki harta atau wang yang luar biasa banyaknya samada dalam mahupun di luar negara
Setakat ini belum ada bukti ?? Wah pandai nya bercakap. Belum ada bukti mana dia dapat duit dia? Brader, macam ini sajalah. Why not declare your assets? Plus the assets held by your wife, daughter, your brothers, family members? How about that mansion in Segambut? Is it worth RM7.0 million? How did you pay for that mansion? Duit mana mari? Gunakan duit tabung ke?  Setakat ini belum ada bukti? Banyak cantik.

The rest of the letter is about that Altantuya case. 
  • Altantuya Sharibuu @ Aminah bt. Abdullah adalah penterjemah Bahasa Perancis 
This is another lie. Suaram has found out in the French Court and to their great displeasure that the French never heard of Altantuya. And she certainly could not speak French nor served as a French interpreter. Oops. 
  • mengemukakan bukti bergambar di mahkamah ketika diminta memberi keterangan.Bukti itu adalah gambar Abdul Razak Baginda, Dato Seri Najib dan Altantuya sedang menjamu selera di sebuah restoran eksklusif
Folks, Altantuya was blown up on October 19th, 2006. That was seven years ago now. We are all still waiting for that elusive picture that shows Altantuya with Najib and Razak Baginda in a fancy restaurant. 

Raja Petra Kamarudin said he had that picture but until today the picture is still elusive. Mana gambar itu? Sudah tujuh tahun lah. Not to be left out one of the PKR Members of Parliament went ahead and created his own picture and posted the picture on his website. Here is that fake picture :

Here is my reading. Very soon they are going to produce another better quality picture. Along with that lost Omega watch. Just wait and see.
  • Rosmah Mansor - Isteri Dato Seri Mohd Najib / Berada di tempat mayat diletupkan
He says that Rosmah was at the scene of the crime the night Altantuya was blown up on 19th October 2006.   Here is another tiny detail they have overlooked - on the night that Altantuya was blown up Rosmah was attending a function for some Anak Yatim at Tabung Haji.  Again the spin writers forgot that tiny detail as well. Here is a picture of Rosmah at that function.

Saya nak tanya sikit saja pasal surat Anwar Ibrahim ini. Dia cerita pasal dia kena kes main buntot, dia kena kes main bini orang, dia kena kes masuk penjara, dia kena tuduh sapu duit, dia kena kes liwat kali kedua. Ini cerita jenis apa ini? 

Nabi kita lagi ramai musuh. Yahudi benci dia, Nasrani benci dia, Romawi benci dia - semua orang benci dia. Tapi tak ada seorang pun Yahudi atau Nasrani tuduh Nabi main buntot lelaki. Atau main bini orang.  Pasal apa pula Anwar saja kena tuduh kes main buntot dan main bini orang?  Aneh juga ya.  Dan bukan satu buntot atau dua buntot dia kena tuduh. Cuba fikir sebentar ok.

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