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30 March 2013

How Ust Hadi Can Topple Anwar From Being PM

Mathematically, Hadi Awang could be next PM

Now that PAS has claimed stake of the Prime Ministership if
Pakatan Rakyat wins the 13th general election, a very 
interesting scenario is possible. 

You see, according to the article 43(2a) of the Malaysian 
Constitution, the Yang di-Pertuan 
Agong shall appoint Prime 
Minister a member of the House of Representative who in his 
judgement is likely to command the confidence of the 
majority of the members of that House. 

I believe PAS knows BN just can't stomach Anwar Ibrahim as 
the Prime Minister. 

What does that mean then? 

It means that, if PAS demands for vote of confidence in 
Dewan Rakyat to show who gets 
the biggest support or 
confidence to be the Prime Minister, and if BN MPs, 
muslim BN's MPs, vote in favor of PAS, 
then it is possible that PAS' candidate for the 
Ministership will be the next Prime Minister and not Anwar! 

Will Anwar once again fail in his attempt to be the Prime 
Minister of Malaysia? Will he miss 
the boat again?

Or will Hadi Awang create history by being the first PAS Prime
minister of Malaysia? 

Time will tell. 

Of course before this could happen, PAS needs BN to like 
them first and Pakatan will have 
to conquer Putrajaya and 
dislodge a very popular Prime Minister. A tough feat indeed 
makes the questions above moot. 

But still, the possible scenario is something to think about. 

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