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15 December 2012

Syed Mokhtar : Antara Tamak & Dengki

Now tengah kecoh pulak pasal Syed Mokhtar dapat lesen 4G. Well, biasak la, apa dia dapat pun mesti ada yang dengki.. atau pun adakah dia tamak? Atau pun lagi satu sudut kita boleh bertanya, dengan banyak kejayaan beliau menaikkan perniagaannya dengan jayanya menjadikan yang lain menjadi dengki atau atas sebab yang sama menjadikan beliau tamak? So mana satu yg lebih tepat.. Syed Mokhtar tamak atau pesaing beliau dengki?
Walau bagaimana pun kalau dah begini yang tuhan tentukan, apa yang nak di heboh2kan... kalau kita yakin, rezeki itu tuhan yangg tentukan buat apalah nak dengki.. ikuti artikel pendek dari Rocky di bawah... 


PsST .. it's him again!

Syed Mokhtar hires over 100 CEOs
Puncak Semangat Technology (PST).The five years that Pak Lah was PM, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary missed quite a bit of clear chances. Because he was "Dr M's crony". One or two projects that were already in the bag had to be given back, also. Nobody complained. SMAB decided to take his name elsewhere where he could compete on merits again. Then Najib Razak became Prime Minister and Syed came back. He competed for every project. When he loses, as in the case of the multi-billion ringgit Bestari (won by YTL Corp), it's ok. When he wins, ah, they get very upset.

Like how unhappy they are now about PST being one of the 8 companies awarded a piece of the 4G cake.

But psst .. here's the thing: PST did not win the thing with PST, which emerged a major winner of the country's 4G spectrum, is not because it was supposed to be linked to SMAB but because it has experts who have a sound plan that will add value to the whole spectrum.

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