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13 November 2012

What Is Moron? Moron Is Rafizi?

Too many people wanted to become political heroes of late, not realising some of their strategies made them look like a moron instead of a smart ass.

Pakatan Rakyat got one too many, including this Rafizi who keeps blowing his trumpet as if he is above everybody and above any law.

Whistleblower of a cheap skate!

Anwar and Gang should tell this guy to behave like a man and not as an idiot. The way he carries himself as PKR strategist is making the party look even more desperate to the extent that anything he says reflect that of Anwar!

He boasts of 'killing' Shahrizat politically over the National Feedlot and then pointed his gun at Nazri over the car issue.

He had been using the Parliament to issue statements and calling for press conferences until he got 'banned' recently over his stupidity about proceedings of the House.

He then started to accuse the Speaker of being pro-BN and that the ban was against the rights of individual to freedom of speech.

Hello! The Parliament is for MPs. Rafizi is acting like a Member of Parliament, and in some events he portrayed himself as someone most important that each and every MP must listen to.

I think he should learn 'democracy' and Parliament rules in other countries which bar outsiders from messing around with the House and treating it like their grandfather's property.

Where on earth can you find outsiders are allowed to hold media conference at the Parliament? Rafizi is not an MP but I believe he is having such an ambition. However, he should wait for his time and not now!

Never in the history of our Parliament that outsiders like Rafizi was allowed to call for a press conference anywhere in its compound. We have rules and regulation here, and is must be fully respected.

Rafizi is and OUTSIDER, and he should admit that and feel ashamed of himself!

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