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22 September 2012

Persepsi Rasuah : Malaysia VS Singapore

So tengok sendiri carta kat bawah ni and see the big gap between Malaysia n Singapore in terms of Corruption Perception. So teruk sangatlah Malaysia ni kan... Tapi cuba tengok apa makna "Perception" dan bacalah komen dari seseorang yang familiar dan bekerja di Singapore.

I have worked in SG for many years so I am familiar with Lion City.
1. As TI index indicates there is a vast gulf between MY and SG in terms of corruption. This is indeed true and something that I can accept based on my own experience.
2. However the level of corruption is under-reported in Singapore due to the tight media control and the usage of other subtler means to achieve the same aims. The kind of control that SG govt exerts on the media is unparalleled. Even the online media is relatively tame though they have been gaining strength recently. In most cases the govt critics do not have information on govt affairs as most of it is strictly controlled and distributed.
- For example the way government projects are awarded and outsourced are often shrouded in secrecy. Often these contracts are given to PAP supporters. No doubt they have the open tender system but the fact is not all projects are given out through this system or really “open”.
- Many (or even most) of the GLCs are headed PAP loyalists/cronies. The financial results of GLC are not reported. For example the head of Temasek is the PM’s wife. PAP has a system where they identify suitable candidates for the party even at the undergrad level to be groomed to be future leaders. In Singapore there is absolutely no difference between PAP and the government. You might make the same accusations about BN and MY govt, but the scale in Singapore is on another level.
3. I think there are things that Malaysia can certainly learn from Singapore and some of these lessons certainly can be applied without much modifications. One, is the pay for government servants. The high pay certainly deters corruption at the same time attracts the best talents. The other is the strong political will to stamp out corruption that started with LKY.
4. However while we share many similarities, there are significant differences. Some of these already covered by rockjianrock so I cover other points.
- PAP has total control and even within the party the PM has absolute power. As such, there is less need for PAP to practice patronage politics other than at higher levels. This is the same as with countries such as Korea, Taiwan and even Japan.
- Singapore is a republic so the central govt has full control on all aspects of the administration of the country. In MY much of the corruption is at the local govt level where the little Napoleans under the state and local govts run wild.
- Singapore do not need policies like the NEP due to its social economic situation and demographics. In MY the NEP has been a major source for corruption since it can easily be abused.

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