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25 July 2012

The STAR Ada Agenda Kristian?

Timbul pulak persoalan baru selepas baca blog Helen Ang. Dari penulisan nampaknya seperti akhbar The STAR mengelak untuk menulis cerita-cerita mengenai masaalah pemimpin dari DAP yang kuat memperjuangkan Kristian seperti Skandal Hannah Yeoh dan Subang Jaya evangelist churches yang dilaporkan terbabit dengan money laundering scam.
Ini telah dilaporkan oleh Singapore press yg mana kes pastor dari City harvest church di Sinapura di bawa ke mahkamah keranan salah laku dan dilaporkan penggelapan wang berlaku melalui City Harvest church Subang Jaya. Kenapa Star mengelak untuk memaparkan berita ini?

Ikuti seterusnya dari Helen Ang di bawah atau KLIK Di Sini.

Does The Star have a Christian agenda?

“Three shots ring out in close succession, and the woman’s shawl-shrouded body slumps to the ground. Whoops, cheers and praise to Allah follow another four shots into her inert form. The latest video footage to come out of Afghanistan purports to show the execution of an allegedly adulterous woman at the hands of the Taliban. The video, filmed last month on a mobile phone and obtained by Reuters, is shocking. But even more atrocious is the fact that such incidents are on the rise in Afghanistan, from Taliban executions to gruesome punishments like cutting off noses and ears, whippings and the forced amputations of hands for accusations of theft.” — TIME magazine (9 July 2012)
MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong in a press release yesterday said that “no DAP leader dares to walk with Karpal in condemning PAS” for the Islamist party’s continued hudud push.
In the first paragraph of Wee’s statement (see screenshot below) published in the MCA website, the Youth chief cum Deputy Education Minister referred to a news report by the NST. The reason he has had to do this is because The Star did not carry the story.
The Star electing to bury the Karpal-hudud story is hardly surprising as the paper has been consistently blacking out news items that might possibly have a negative impact on the DAP.
One recent and glaring example is the paper’s failure to even mention that one ofHannah Yeoh’s Subang Jaya evangelist churches had been implicated in an alleged RM5.3 million (S$2.1m) money-laundering scam.
This was highlighted by the Singapore press reporting on the City Harvest Church pastor and officials recently charged in court for massive fraud. The MCA-owned paper, however, deliberately chose to keep its readers in the dark regarding the misappropriated funds allegedly diverted via City Harvest Church Subang Jaya.

No DAP bad news allowed in Star

In his statement, Wee Ka Siong suggests that DAP office bearers are probably distancing themselves from their chairman by relegating Karpal’s objections to mere “personal opinion” and not a party stand as such.
Wee said:
“I strongly urge other top DAP leaders, Theresa Kok, Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh, Teo Nie Ching, Charles Santiago or Xavier Jayakumar to publicly chastise PAS regarding hudud law. Are they in agreement with their Chairman, and therefore believe that PAS should stop pursuing hudud law? If so, why have they still not said anything about the issue?”
Wee erroneously included Xavier Jayakumar in his list of “top DAP leaders”. Xavier is a PKR Selangor state assemblyman.
However it is not difficult to guess how Wee’s mistake came about. The name list is Christian although the Kim Guan Eng creature is a chameleon. (Since we’re on the topic, perhaps MCA should indeed urge Guan Eng to disclose his religious affiliation in order to end the speculation.)
The fact that Wee singled out these names for mention merits scrutiny because he has credited them as “top DAP leaders”.
While Teresa and Guan Eng are undoubtedly so, the elevated position of Hannah, Nie Ching and Charles Santiago have nevertheless come about only through public perception. It is important to note that their status is artificial — manufactured by the media and in large part by The Star, and the Pakatan media.
I recommend that MCA do an audit of The Star‘s coverage vis-a-vis the names mentioned by Wee Ka Siong against their counterparts in MCA, Wanita MCA and Beliawanis. Let the empirical data speak for itself.
As it is, even MCA party president Chua Soi Lek has himself ticked off The Star for failing to cover his roadshow in Sepang earlier this year in May.

The ‘real’ DAP office holders

The trio are not even DAP senior leaders, not by a long shot.
These three, all added together, merely total one-and-a-half years’ worth of party membership prior to 8 March 2008 when the general election was held.
Let’s examine reality as opposed to perception. Below are the DAP officer bearers, list taken from the party website.
Advisor: Chen Man Hin
Chairman: Karpal Singh
Deputy Chairman: Tan Seng Giaw
Vice Chairmen: M. Kula Segaran, Chow Kon Yeow, Tan Kok Wai, Chong Chien Jen
Sec-gen: Lim Guan Eng
Deputy sec-gens: Chong Eng, Ngeh Koo Ham, P. Ramasamy
Treasurer: Fong Kui Lun
Asst Treasurer: Nga Kor Ming
Organizing Secretary: Teresa Kok
Asst Organizing Secretary: Vincent Wu
Publicity Secretary: Tony Pua
Asst Publicity Secretary: Teo Nie Ching
Political Education Director: Anthony Loke
Asst Political Education Director: Jeff Ooi
International Secretary: Liew Chin Tong
Parliamentary Leader: Lim Kit Siang
Committee Members: Ahmad Ton, Leong Ngah Ngah, Teng Chang Kim, Gobind Singh Deo, P. Gunasekeran, Boo Cheng Hau, Ronnie Liu, Hiew King Cheu
Even though Wee Ka Siong mentions Hannah Yeoh and Charles Santiago as “top DAP leaders”, they do not feature in the national DAP party hierarchy.
Below are the top names in Wanita DAP.
Chairperson: Chong Eng
Deputy Chairperson: Ong Kwai Leng
Vice Chairperson: Betty Chew
Secretary: Teresa Kok
Asst Secretary: Wong Lin See
Treasurer: Yaw Kuang Mee
Organizing Secretary: Fong Po Kuan
Asst Organizing Secretary: Leong Mee Meng
Publicity Secretary: Chan Su Sann
Asst Publicity Secretary: K. Maragatam
Committee Member: Leong Ooi Kuan
Note again that Hannah Yeoh is not in the list.
Let’s now look at the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPsy) line-up.
Chairman: Anthony Loke
Deputy Chairman: Jenice Lee
Vice Chairmen: Violet Wu, Wong Kah Woh
Secretary: Loh Chee Heng
Asst Secretary: Tey Kok Kiew
Treasurer: Leong Ooi Yee
Asst Treasurer: Lau Keng Ee
Organizing Secretary: Teo Kok Seong
Asst Organizing Secretary: Leong Ooi Kuan
Publicity Secretary: Ng Wei Aik
Asst Publicity Secretary: Ong Boon Piow
International Affairs Bureau Director: Medaline Chang
Political Education Bureau Director: Ooi Leng Hang
Varsity Affairs Bureau Director: Tang Hong Pin
Committee Members: Chan Su Sann, Cheong Chee Khing, Choong Siew Onn, Gobind Singh Deo, Khoo Poay Tiong, Tiew Way Keng, Edward Ling, Teoh Boon Kok
Note again that Hannah Yeoh is not in the DAPsy list of office holders either.
Note also that Ahmad Ton is the single Malay needle in the DAP haystack above.

The ‘Star’ring role — why?

Out of the three lists, Teo Nie Ching features in one — her appointment as assistant publicity secretary. It is not an elected leadership position.
Hannah Yeoh (and Charles Santiago) do not figure at all in the DAP, Wanita DAP and DAPsy leadership.
So why is it that an MCA deputy minister has mentioned them as “top DAP leaders”?
Is it because they get their faces plastered across the newspaper pages every day thus creating the impression that they’re important DAP spokesmen?
Below is the latest (“1 day ago”) public appearance by Hannah Yeoh in her must-have promotion several times a week by The Star.
And below is The Star reporter three days ago (July 21) interviewing Hannah Yeoh for a Ramadan special feature coming up soon in the paper.
Why Hannah has been interviewed for an upcoming Ramadan story is as mind-boggling as Pork Ribs touted for The Star‘s Buka Puasa menu last year. 
MCA must find of what is The Star‘s problem (its blatant pro-DAP bias) as I’m sure Umno and the rest of BN are curious too.
If Wee Ka Siong is curious to know why the newspaper owned by his party has been giving such positive and widespread publicity to the people he mentioned – Teresa Kok, Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh, Teo Nie Ching, Charles Santiago, Xavier Jayakumar – the answer could well be The Star‘s Anglophile-Christian agenda.(Read also HERE)
This agenda couched in the Malaysian First vocabulary has seen Hannah Yeoh attack MCA and Umno as “racist parties”. Not only that, Hannah has been reported to the police by the Kelana Jaya MCA branch as slandering MCA.
What is most baffling is the MCA-owned paper promoting her personality cult while at the same burying the stories about her being questioned by the police for slander (and possibly sedition) as well as downplaying the church scandal story by advising Christians not to “gossip” about it.

Musuh dalam selimut

More recently, it appeared that The Star might have tried to sabotage Muhyiddin Yassin — the favourite ‘Malay ultra’ bogeyman in the eyes of Chinese opposition supporters. Compare the difference between The Star’s write-up on the DPM andNST‘s, HERE
Yesterday a reader tipped me off to yet another glaring difference between a recentNST story and the misinformation contained in yesterday’s Star. Misrepresentation by The Star on a purported change in the EPF withdrawal age would only make members of the public suspicious of the government and angry at the ruling party.
The false information in The Starwas so alarming that it prompted reader ‘jason’ to question whether the paper’s editors harbour a hidden agenda.
While MCA may be sanguine about The Star’s shenanigans, Umno and the other BN component parties must necessarily be wary that a stealthy dagger could be plunged in their side anytime during run-up to this most crucial of general elections.
How can BN concentrate on the task at hand if they have to deal not only with political foes upfront but at the same time need to be watchful that they do not get stabbed in the back?

Feedback for Tan Sri Muhyiddin on Chinese view of MCA

The Star covering up for DAP, sabotaging Umno?

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