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05 July 2012

CEO MAS Dah Mula Buat Hal...

Gua baru aje nak semangat dengan beberapa langkah AJ dan harap beliau is a different kind of breed... tapi nampaknya dah mula pulak dah...
CEO MAS A.Jauhari cuba menutup mulut kakitangan MAS kerana berlaku kebocoran maklumat mengenai mereka-mereka yang turut hadir semasa membawa pulang kali kedua pesawat Airbus A380 dari Perancis.. Apa yang A.jauhari takutkan? Adakah berlaku perkara yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku seperti membawa penumpang2 yang tidak sepatutnya diperlukan dalam penerbangan tersebut... kenapa perlu di lindungi JOY RIDERS yang MAS terpaksa tanggung kos perjalanan, penempatan dan makan minum mereka? Kenapa A.Jauhari membazirkan wang untuk mereka ini? Kenapa Brader AJ?

Ikuti memo di bawah yang AJ tujukan kepada semua kakitangan MAS...
Date: 4 July 2012 11:50:06 GMT+08:00
Subject:Circular from GCEO: Breach of Confidentiality 
For Bahasa Malaysia version please scroll down / Untuk Versi Bahasa Malaysia sila skrol ke bawah
To        : All Staff System-wide
Date     : 4 July, 2012
Ref       : GCEO CIR 024/12
We have received our first A380 aircraft and successfully mounted revenue flights from Kuala Lumpur and London on 1 July and 2 July respectively. These flights were full and the journey smooth – for which we have received many good comments and complimentsfrom travelling passengers. For me personally, it is an honour to be part of the Malaysia Airlines team along with you. We should all rejoice in our achievement as the A380 programme has been long in the making and is a major part of our recovery and brand rebuilding efforts today.
Despite the happy occasion surrounding the A380, there continues to be attempts by irresponsible parties to undermine our recovery and brand rebuilding initiatives. The most recent is the posting of theReservations Passenger List of all 80 names of staff and guests who were booked to fly on the Ferry Flight MH5439/Toulouse to Kuala Lumpur for the A380 on a blog which shall be un-named.
Distribution of such Company information with intent to maliciously malign certain personalities is an irritation that frustrates our collective efforts to get our Company and airline back to profitability. The information is confidential, and the unauthorized disclosure of the Reservations list is a contravention of Malaysia Airlines Code of Conduct. It is a breach of confidentiality as per our Terms and Conditions of Employment. We are investigating, and will take strong disciplinary action, which includes dismissal, against those found contravening Company confidentiality policy.
These actions by internal parties only serve to damage and tarnish our reputation as a premier airline. It makes the critical work that we need to do all the more difficult as it diminishes our credibility in the eyes of customers, shareholders, financiers, partners and other stakeholders.
Colleagues, please be reminded that we all carry the Malaysia Airlines brand name. As such we need to be responsible when handling Company information, be it information contained in the Company’s systems, database, emails and servers. Any breach of confidentiality has serious repercussions on the Company and its officers.
Everyone must understand that our ongoing recovery efforts and brand-building are paramount to the survival of our airline and ultimately our own jobs. Sharing internal documents in the public domain which results in the posting of comments, views and discussions only makes our recovery efforts so much harder. The survival of our airline must be our complete focus for a swift recovery that will put us back on the path of sustainable profits.These distractions and irresponsible acts only serve to stab ourselves in the back and detract us from our primary focus.
I sincerely hope that we all as employees of Malaysia Airlines act responsibly and with honour for the future of our jobs, our Company and our airline.
Thank you.
Ahmad Jauhari Yahya
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