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03 May 2012

2nd Try To Manipulate MAS Resources??

Read the news from the Star below, 1st we are feed with the good news of the CCF cancellation.. So looks like the crooks ADMITTED that what they did was WRONG and has to reverse things backwards. So how much did Airasia owe MAS DURING THIS MESSY PERIOD? Had Airasia paid in full all of the uplifted passengers from Airasia cancelled flights. When are they payung this? Is Rashdan and Azhari and Rozman leaving as well? THEY HAVE TO GO..

Secondly we are given with a question mark news.. Two question mark actually. 1) Why have to setup SPV? 2) Why SPV have to be 50:50?
What is the basis of calculation, who own most resources and who need most services?

One scenario: who owns training facility for pilot, simulators, cabin crew safety.. Does MAS had to pay after this to SPV? Does MAS Has to buy parts through SPV? Why not Airasia just pay MAS for what ever services/goods that Airasia needs?

YB Wee, i hope you will still gather info for this new on-going, which i smell very fishy... this time around they might want to buy you and your informer. At least for now the MAS staff have a better feeling but if the SPV is found to be fishy... BN can forget about the votes..

The crooks might not be laughing anymore now, but they are still smiling wide.. BEWARE...

KUALA LUMPUR: Khazanah Nasional Bhd and Tune Air, the major shareholders of Malaysian Airline System Bhd (MAS) and AirAsia Bhd respectively had on Wednesday agreed to terminate their share swap agreement.
Now, the airlines had entered into a supplemental collaboration agreement to explore areas of mutual-need to realise savings and boost efficiencies.
The shareholding of the SPV would see MAS holdings a 50% stake, AirAsia 35% and AAX 15%.


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