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10 April 2012

Kerja 3 Bulan Setengah, Dapat 2.8 Juta

Syoknya jadi Konsultan MAS... kerja 3 bulan setengah pun boleh dapat 2.8 juta... bole terus pencen dah... Kaya la MAS, siapa yg kata MAS rugi...
Ikuti kupasan dari YB Wee...

Yours truly has been asking the Ministry of Finance and MAS top management what is the all in monthly salary for this Mr Shane Nollan but all kept silence. Yours truly heard from reliable sources that it cost MAS more than RM100,000 a month to maintain this Irish man! It is hoped that this is not true.

Mr Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director, is tainted with conflicts of interest as can be seen from the recent  uplifting of the AA X Sdn Bhd‘s passengers due to the termination of its routes to London, Paris and India in HERE, HERE, HERE and the claims for expenses by PlaneConsult to MAS.    

Let us look at the professional fees and all the charges that PlaneConsult is now claiming from MAS below. From these charges, we will be able to see that Mr Shane Nollan has compromised his position as a full time Acting Commercial Director of MAS and a staff of PlaneConsult.

Below are all the PlaneConsult’s claims for their professional charges and expenses:       

Claim for Professional fees in March 2012:

  1. Engineering & Maintenance      Euro135,000

  2. Airline Engineering Group           Euro54,000

  3. Commercial                                   Euro204,000

  4. Network Planning / Schedule       Euro48,000

  5. Fleet Planning                                 Euro30,000

  6. Operations                                      Euro180,000

         Total                                                  Euro651,000

Claims for Expenses in February 2012:

Include: Costs of flight from Ireland to Heathrow, taxi fares in UK & Malaysia, Tune Talk mobile top up & etc   Euro 6,560.26

Under this claim includes Mr Shane Nollan’s expenses.

 Claims for Expenses in March 2012

Include: Cost of taxi fare, Rail card & top-up, Tune Talktop-up, costs of flights in UK, petrol, car park & etc    Euro 10, 691.38

Under this claim includes Mr Shane Nollan’s expenses.

 Claims in March 2012

For services provided by “INSPIRED MINDS” for Airport Operations Manpower Planning offsite MAS on 6, 7, 9, 15, 16, 17, 28 & 29 Feb 2, 3, 7 & 21 March 2012 – Onsite MAS on 20 & 24 March    Total:   Euro 4,917.00

No one in MAS seem to know who are the “INSPIRED MINDS” and what have they don’t for MAS on those dates? One would thought that PlaneConsult should be doing all the works.  Who are the “Inspired Minds”? Can anyone help with more information on this?

 Claims in April 2012

“MAS implementation support – March 2012 “INTEREST CHARGES”.  PlaneConsult sounded like an Irish BANK!

MAS Fleet & Engineering Review – Andy Holmes              Euro10

MAS Fleet & Engineering Review Mr Connor McCarthy Eruo564

MAS implementation Support Q1 Jan 2012                 Euro 4,340

MAS implementation Support Q1 Feb 2012                 Euro 4,340

                                               Total:                                            Euro 9, 254

As at this date, the total consultancy fees inclusive of expenses is Euro682, 422.64 (equivalent to RM2.8 million) excluding the cost of air fares from London to KLIA.

All the above five claims were sent to MAS for the attention of Rashdan, the Amok’s crony.

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