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03 April 2012

Isu MAS : Email Panas Suruh Rashan Belah

Baca dibawah email dari setiausaha MESA, Matdiah yang mencadangkan agar Rashdan belah dari MAS kerana salahguna kuasa dengan sesuka hati 'upgrade' anak dan orang gaji beliau ke Kelas Satu semasa penerbangan dan beliau juga telah menipu dan bersumpah tidak berbuat demikian walaupun lapuran jelas dari ketua pramugari mengesahkan salah guna kuasa beliau.
Apa patu buat dengan mamat macam ni yg salah guna kuasa dan juga menipu?

“From: Matdiah Mohammad
Date: 4/2/2012 7:48:43 AM
To: Md Nor Yusof
Cc: Nor Hayati Idris; Mohamed Yusof Ahmad Muhaiyuddin; Ismaizam Ismail; Norlina Abdullah @ Renata Liporado; Alias Aziz; Mohamad Alizam Kusrin; Philip Lee Beng Chuan; Abdul Rahman Hassan; Lee Min Ken; Haswandy Morshidi; Awang Musa Awang Kassim; MASEU – Graded Union; Ahmad Jauhari Yahya;; Hizamuddin Zainal Abidin; Ab Halim Said; Chai Chee Kong; Chandran Sekhran; Amir Ihsan Abdul Latif; Hussin Shamsudin; Izwan Ismail; Jamaludin Sanusi; Kamarul Zaman Saisi; Najmi Rahimi Muzni; Tengku Fachruddin Tengku Suleiman
Subject: DCEO MH122 SYD-KUL Controversy

Salaam Tan Sri copy AJ, MESA Council and rest,

I wish to reiterate that as much as we would like to believe otherwise, the evidence is overwhelming to indicate that the DCEO was not telling the full truth about what actually transpired during the his flight MH122 SYD-KUL 01Jan12.

As intimated to you previously, I was personally shown aphotocopy of the original hand-written Cabin Crew Voyage Report (VR) which indicates that the DCEO’s baby and maid did remained in the First Class Cabin of the B747-400 aircraft for the rest of the flight duration. I am convinced that at the point when I was shown the said VR, there were at least fifty others who may have already seen the same report. I was made to understand that till to date many more staff have seen the widely circulated document.

I understand that the initial circulation of such sensitive information was purely operation-driven, however it was leaked due a manifestation of utter disbelief and frustration among staff who saw the matter was an outright abuse and the perseption of inequality in treatment for gross disrespect of published in-house rules among the elite. As such, I sincerely hope that no attempt is made to vilify or attribute blame to any particular staff that just happens to be doing their job or were privy of the normal distribution trail.

The fact that Danny had chosen to override your imposed restraint during the Q&A session, and that he had voluntarily invoked the Almighty in his quest to convince the audience of his ‘innocence’, did not make the matter any easier or palatable as it served to further erode any remaining vestige of integrity in the eyes of staff and the general public.

Under the circumstances, I believe that his best recourse is to leave MAS immediately as his continued presence is untenable and would further impede organizational recovery.

I pray that you act accordingly.

Matdiah Bin Mohammad
Secretary, MESA”

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