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14 April 2012

Email MAS 2 : Rashan Harus Nyah Dari MAS

WHY? Do I have to go.... Please.... Not me alone...
Ikuti email dari Mat Diah, setiausaha MESA di bawah meminta Rashdan meninggalkan MAS secara terhormat. Rasanya sudah sampai masa pun, penyiasatan pun telah mengesahkan kesalahan Rashdan menaik taraf anak dan orang gajinya ke KELAS PERTAMA semasa penerbangan pulang ke Malaysia dari Australia baru2 ini.

Date: Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Subject: MH122 Followup
To: Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof <>
Cc:,, Ab Halim Said <>, chanvscm <>, jamals <>, Izwan Ismail <>,,, kzsaisi <>,, hussha <>,, dinza <>,,,,,, Aluyah Hj Morshidi <>,,,,,,,,,,,

Salaam Tan Sri, copy rest
Based on our enquiries over the MH122 First Class Cabin in-flight incident of 1st January 2012, we were made to understand that investigations carried out by the Integrity Unit has established that there is a strong basis to implicate the DCEO with a gross breach of discipline in respect of the unwarranted presence of an infant and a nanny in the first class cabin of the subject aircraft whilst it was enroute from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur.

You would recall that I had immediately made known to you of our concern over the related crew being called in for an investigation by the Company. I had then implicitly informed you that the crew must not be unnecessarily inconvenienced or subjected to any form of reprimand or retribution for merely performing their job dutifully as required. In return, you had responded with a hope that “the proper authorities will discharge their function promptly in the expected manner”.

Alhamdullilah, from our enquiries, we learned that the investigation this time was done quite professionally by the Integrity Unit with minimal distress, unlike other investigations done by the other arms of the Administration that were more akin to those that I had previously intimated to you, where it has even become the norm for certain parties to fabricate evidence(s) in furtherence of their own agenda.

In respect of the case against the DCEO, I would believe that you have been informed of the Integrity Unit’s findings and/or its progress. I feel that there is no need to remind you that the allegation of indiscretion is very serious in nature and that somehow, have been aggravated when the Almighty was invoked by a certain individual in public.

It is high time that the responsible person stand up and exit gracefully…. NOW, as our beloved MAS have been dragged into odium and public contempt. Procrastination is unacceptable as too much is at stake. The longer we wait or delay action would do more harm than good to MAS’ recovery towards our national aspiration.

Matdiah Bin Mohammad

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