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04 April 2012

CCF : Mana Ada Logic

There is no logic behind it , all the critical divisyen like commercial , finance and engineering is being headed by ex airasia staff , furthermore we have BOD who also sits in airasia.let say in future MAS will have some sort of collaboration with airasia in term of aircraft maintenance and etc , who will do the negotiations and who will then approve it? Client=airasia , negotiator=ex airasia , approver=airasia BOD.

What happen in MAS defy common sense , we as a staff don’t see any logic on how the appointment would bring any benefit to the company and this explain why we opposed it. During the initial stage of the CCF I truly believe that MAS will be saved as MAS is really a very sick patient and we really need an aggressive corporate figure like TONY to save MAS.Now after 8 months of CCF I see that things are getting from bad to worst and subsequently things are intolerable.
What we as a staff being told by the top management the benefit of the CCF . But the reality is nothing solid had yet to come out of it. What we see is endless restructuring , reversal of policies/decisions and lack of communication beetween the top and the bottom.Just ask anybody in the ground and most of them will answer that they have no clue on what’s happening . Without proper direction from the top how do you expect the staff to regroup and support your decision.
I had work in MAS for almost 8 years but I had never seen the morale of the staff stood so low. How do you expect us to respect you and follow your lead if basic question highlighted in this blog and by the staff during the townhall session remain unanswered.
I am a hardcore supporter of BN , but the situation in MAS and the lack of response from the government is enough to make a hardcore supporter like me not vote for BN. At the same time PR also sucks big time .
I’m used to be a believer in the SYSTEM but now no more .
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