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17 March 2012

Senarai Kroni Airasia Yang Menjajah MAS !!

Dia ni dikhabarkan pulak Anak Buah Kamarudin Meranun yang dulunya kerja kat Airasia or also informed maybe this girl is from Khazanah. Lepas Azman Mokhtar sign deal MAS Airasia, Zalida dibawa masuk ke MAS dan dalam jangjamasa singkat memegang jawatan Head, Strategik Communication MAS. Maka lagi sekor, kali ni minah pulak dari Airasia masuk MAS... 

Bawah ni senarai management MAS yang telah disepak dan diganti dengan kroni2 Tony, Rushdone, Airasia...

Bernard Francis replaced by Irish Shane Nolan (Plane Consult)
Raja Zamilia replaced by Nor Zalida (Danny boy lover)
Amin Khan replaced by Hugh Donleavy (Canadian idiot)
Sharifah Salwa replaced by Shihaj Kutty (former Etihad Pricing Manager)
Raja Azura replaced by Zaharah (formerly from Danone)
Roslan Ismail replaced by Air Asia Azhari Dahlan
Azha Jalil replaced by Air Asia Rozman
Eddy Leong —> no replacement as the idea is to kill Firefly
Shahari Sulaiman —> no replacement as the idea is to sell MASkargo to TF.
Kelmarin kerja Zalida adalah untuk cover bontot Rashdan Danni yang dah panas.... Zalida kena tulis surat kepada Star seperti di bawah.... sama2 kroni, satu geng, sedara kena la cover kan... Dengarnya Zalida ni ganti Raja Zamila yg tak di sukai oleh Rushdone Danni...

WE refer to the news report in StarBiz today (March 14) titled MAS-AirAsia deal rumoured scrapped, but nothing concrete so far.
Whilst we do not wish to comment on the overall news report as this is purely an issue to be addressed by the respective shareholders, we take great exception to the inference, “MAS employees’ complaints include the management style of deputy chief executive officer Mohammed Rashdan Yusof.
“Another complaint is the talk of being redeployed outside MAS to the short-haul premium airline headed by Rashdan as that would mean a loss of benefits.”
This is very speculative, based on rumours and appears aimed at tarnishing the reputation of our senior management staff without any definite basis. Quoting sources to implicate our staff negatively is highly inappropriate and unfair to the person.
This also interferes with the authorities that are deciding on the next steps subsequent to the recent requests submitted to the Prime Minister.
We wish to also clarify that at Malaysia Airlines group, the business directions are never made unilaterally by any single person. Instead, the decisions are made only after agreement by the company’s board.
In the case of the short-haul operations, it was part of the Comprehensive Collaborative Framework proposal announced on Aug 9, 2011 and subsequently endorsed by the board before it was incorporated in our business plan revealed on Dec 7, 2011.
It was also a decision of the company for Mohammed Rashdan Yusof to head this new outfit and ensure profitable operations. The board and management are thus accountable for such decisions and it is therefore improper to start blaming an official of our company even before a business process has taken ground.
At Malaysia Airlines, we welcome diverse viewpoints and feedback justified with credible supports and we are receptive to ideas and help to enable us to address issues and concerns.
However, we strongly object to inferences based on hearsay and speculation.
Acting head, strategic communications
Malaysia Airlines

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