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26 March 2012

MAS Airasia Issue - PUBLIC Q & A Forum

Looks like the longer we wait to solve(waiting PM Najib/Gov to solve) this MAS Airasia issue, more information have been gathered and exposed and yet these issues are yet to be addressed. 
This creates uneasiness to Malaysian public(the voters) and MAS employees(the voters). Malaysia Airlines is a National Carrier & the Pride of Malaysian Citizen, its not only about business, its also about the Country Reputation which also linked to Government Decision.  
MAS employees to the tune of 20,000 staff and the public of Malaysia demands to know the actual problem and the solution to these issues. Many exposes has been made and even tabled in Parliment. At this moment PM Najib and Gov are looked at being WEAK & SLOW to take ACTION. 
If Parliment is also not being an effective avenue for tackling this MAS Airasia issues, I would like to suggest that a "Public Question & Answer Forum" Between Public+MAS Employees and MAS Board/Management+Khazanah be held As Soon As Posible. I would also like to suggest to Sinar Harian to be the moderator for this.

Let YB Wee lead the "Public+MAS Employees" team which MAS employees can be represented by their Unions and the "MAS Board/Management+Khazanah" lead by TS Md Nor. MAS Board/Management+Khazanah team MUST consist of the following or even more.

  • TS Md Nor
  • Ahmad Jauhari
  • Rashdan Danni
  • Azman Mokhtar
  • Rozman Omar 

Each team can have a maximum of 5 person. 

  • Compulsory attendance and observer should be Members of Parliment, PAC, MACC, MYCC, Securities Commission, MOT, MOF, MAS employees, Bloggers and members of the public.
  • The FORUM shall be a ONE full day event and be expected to be continued to PART II if time is insufficient.
  • QUESTIONING TEAM will give Questions ONE WEEK prior to the FORUM.
  • ANSWERING TEAM shall have sufficient time to prepare for answers and provide valid evidence for their responds. 
  • ONE WEEK Notice shall be given to both sides to prepare them self for the forum.


  1. Bro,

    Allow the public shares your dream. Those are the good governance, total transparency and integrity. However someone told me, it may happen in Malaysia after GE31 (GE31, not typo error).

    Kunyit Hidup

  2. He he... GE31, not typo error.. i like.. :)
    Time tu Kunyit Hidup pun dah mati, Wubra pun dah tak ada lagi...
    MAS pun dah MAmpuS..


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