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27 February 2012

Berita Blogger Pro-BN : Kamu TIdak Di Perlukan???


Rais, Mat Maslan .. Care to Explain?

Much ado about new media. Journo-blogger Bujai has heard something disturbing said to have taken place on Feb 22 at the last Cabinet meeting. It seems that between Rais Yatim and Ahmad Maslan - one Najib Razak's Information Minister and the other his party's Imformation chief - an idea crystallized based on an internal study that the new/alternative/social media, especially the pro-BN ones, aren't going to have any significant impact for Najib Razak's Barisan Nasional in next General Election. 

That was what the then PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had been told before PRU12, before the so-called tsunami, before BN lost five states and the two-thirds in Parliament.

Read Bujai's My friendly message to the PM Office.I hope he has heard wrong. Otherwise, I'd like to know what Rais, Ahmad Maslan and the others named in his latest posting have to say ...

My friendly message to PM Office

I don't like what I just found out a few days ago. It puts me in a great dilemma. Should I write about it or should I not...

It may cause PM Najib and his Cabinet a great deal of embarrassment. The good relations between pro-government bloggers and news portal operators with the ruling party too may turn sour. The SB may also pick me up anytime.

But I don't have any other channel. My calls and text messages to a few PM's officials went unanswered. The only person who answered is Fatmi Salleh. I wanted to see him but he is too busy. Also couldn't get through Tengku Sharifuddin and Sahalan.

Take this as a friendly message to YAB PM and his Cabinet. I hope any official at the PM Office who reads this posting will alert him. Nope, I don't expect Mr PM to see me but I do need some answers pertaining to a Cabinet briefing on Wednesday, February 22 about 'social media network'.

A UK-grad by the name of Amhari (hope I got it right) gave the briefing which in the end saw a minister left the meeting red face. He was made a perfect scapegoat. The report was also jointly-prepared by a Media Prima big gun said to be vying for an Info Minister position or its secretary-general, at least.

I hope someone from the PMO or the Cabinet calls a meeting with key pro-government bloggers and news portals ASAP. I am a nobody, I know that but I believe people like Datuk 'Rocky', Syed Akbar, Zakhir, Sallehudin and others would like to know about it.

I am waiting for the calls.

To Datuk Seri Najib - four years after we had the last national poll, your people are still not prepared, not well-informed and are still fooling around. I want BN to win. Don't you? Please address this. Thank you, sir!

PS - Did someone say "I cannot sack my press secretary just like that!"?


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