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06 October 2011

Rugi Besar Lepaskan Hassan Marican

Hassan Marican: Unwanted at home,much sought after abroad

I am pretty sure most of you knows the guy very well, he used to helm Petronas till somewhere February 2010, 15 years at the top, steering Petronas magnificently, in fact he is widely credited with turning Petronas into the only other state-run major international player in the oil and gas space apart from Norway's Statoil. so what happened?...You might ask......well....he fell on the bad book of Najib.....or Najib woke up on the wrong side of the bed (or is Rosmah?), Two of Hassan Marican's so called glaring mistakes we're:-

1. He and a few other board members clashed with Najib on the apointment of Omar Mustapha, the former aide of Najib
2. Petronas under his tutelage had also decided not to sponsor the Malaysian-backed Lotus F1 Racing team going instead with the Mercedes Formula One team

While he is ditched in Malaysia, the same can't be said overseas, he is a much sought after person, especially across the causeway whereby he has accepted several directorships with Singapore GLCs including at Sembcorp, SembCorp Marine, and Singapore Power. To top it all, now he has accepted another directorship outside Malaysia this time at US oil and gas giant ConocoPhillips, Damn! Ditching Hassan Marican is surely a great loss to Malaysia, and one of the most weirdest and dumbest decisions. For the readers kind information, ConocoPhillips is a global integrated energy company and is headquartered in Houston with approximately 29 900 employees US$160 billion of assets and US$244 billion in annualised revenues as of June 30 2011.Good for you Hassan....Sigh!.......and yet...he're we are bringing in sub-standard expatriate while letting go our own 'brain'

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