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19 December 2014

Hello Sister In Islam.. Why Worry About Ridhuan Tee and Link With IS..

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial academic Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, according to Sisters in Islam (SiS), is propagating views which will eventually result in terrorism in the country.
The NGO was referring to Ridhuan’s column, in a Malay daily on Monday, in which he claimed that there was no such thing as a ‘moderate Muslim”, implying that Muslims were extremists.
He described himself in the interview as a “fundamentalist”, a term linked with militancy, while others who beg to differ and say it means setting aside the Hadiths and returning to the Quran.
“‘Moderation’ in Islam, ‘Al Wasathiyah’, is an important element. Departing from this principle means ‘Irhab Al Fikri’ or ‘terrorism in thought’,” said Sisters in Islam (Sis) researcher Afiq Mohamad Noor in a statement.
“In Malaysia, we don’t have IS, but if people like Ridhuan are not confronted and put in their place, Malaysia will soon tread the IS path.”
”Terrorism in thought”, he stressed, could result in “physical terrorism” i.e. a breakdown in law and order and a return to the law of the jungle for no rhyme or reason.
Moderation, according to Afiq, was promoted by Islamic scholars like Al Imam Ibnu Taymiyah, Ibnu Al Qayyim, Al Syathibi and Ibnu Atheer.
“Ridhuan probably never read the works of the great scholars who argue that moderation (Al Wasathiyah) is an integral part of Islam,” he asked.
Islam, he said, has never recognised societal classification such as “clergies”, for example. He added that having a group of people who dominate and control Islam is “foreign and unheard of” in the traditions of the religion.
“These are people who reject scientific discussions and debates, which also use their influence and power to label people as infidels and heretics,” he said. “Islam seems like a religion that is rigid, stationary and anti-establishment.”
Islam, he warned, cannot be “monopolized” by any group. “It’s not an exclusive religion. Authorities and religious groups who monopolize religion are like robber barons controlling companies.”
“Ridhuan’s personal attacks contradict Islamic values as well as Malay culture,” he said.
“If I were given a choice to leave behind the principles of human rights and freedom of expression which I believe in, then without a doubt, I would advise Ridhuan to shut up and stop embarrassing and polluting a religion that I love.”
“They claim to be moderate Muslims? What is the meaning of moderate? Islam is not a moderate religion. Islam is fundamental in nature,” said Ridhuan in his column, criticizing the Group of 25 Eminent Malays for penning an Open Letter on Islam, civil law and the secular Federal Constitution.

Melayu Yang 25 Kena SLICE.. Dengan Cina Pulak Tu.. Malu Gua..!

Sangat geli hati membaca surat terbuka 25 Melayu yang dikatakan kononnya berpengaruh, berpangkat Tan Sri dan Dato, pesara kerajaan, bercakap soal ekstremis di negara ini dan cara penyelesaiannya.

Semasa dalam perkhidmatan kerajaan, apa yang mereka lakukan? Apakah mereka benar-benar memanfaatkan jawatannya untuk kepentingan agama, bangsa dan negara? Jarang sekali saya melihat ada pegawai tinggi kerajaan sebegini. Rata-rata mahu kekalkan jawatan tingginya, dan kalau boleh disambung kontrak demi kontrak. 

Ingin juga saya bertanya, adakah sepanjang berada dalam perkhidmatan kerajaan dahulu, mereka ini semuanya bersih, bebas dari amalan rasuah? Sejauhmana penglibatan mereka dalam NGO selepas bersara atau hanya berjumpa dengan orang-orang pencen?

Sejauh mana pengetahuan agama Islam mereka hendak mempertikaikan institusi agama dan NGO yang dikatakan bertindak bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan dan konsep syura atau digelar ekstremis?

Jangan hanya pandai mengeluarkan kenyataan. Pergilah berjumpa dengan Menteri berkaitan untuk mengetahui keadaan yang sebenar.Banyakkan berdamping dengan NGO-NGO yang saban hari bersama rakyat menyelami masalah mereka, bukannya duduk dalam banglo setelah pencen dan berbincang sesama sendiri.

Mereka mendakwa mereka Muslim moderat? Apa maksud moderat? Islam bukan agama moderat. Islam adalah agama bersifat fundamental. Biasakan berkata saya Muslim fundamental, bukan moderat. Jika tidak faham fundemantal, biar saya jelaskan, yakni Muslim yang benar-benar faham dan berpegang kepada agama Islam, atau menjadikan Islam sebagai way of life, bukan Islam pada kulit sahaja.

Mempertahankan agama dan hak kaum itu bukan ekstremis, tetapi fundamental. Lebih-lebih lagi penduduk asal. Ekstremis adalah mereka yang bertindak membuta tuli atau membabi buta atau membawa ajaran sesat.

14 December 2014

Petra Hentam PKR Bullshit

I have given up with this ‘cause’? In fact, I gave up four years ago when they made it very clear the opposition does not welcome criticism. And today they are saying the same thing as what I said all those years. And when I said that Pakatan Rakyat’s so-called ‘solidarity’ and ‘agree to disagree’ and ‘consensus’ is bullshit and is built on quicksand they allege that I am a government agent.
By Raja Petra
A reader asked me why I no longer do exposes regarding abuse of power, corruption, and so on, like I used to. What this reader meant is why do I no longer whack the government.
Actually, I no longer see any point in that sort of exercise because no one really bothers about abuse of power, corruption and whatnot, unless it serves a political agenda. Before Malaysia Today revealed the highway project called KIDEX, no one had heard about it. And Malaysia Today revealed it one year before the project was signed.
Malaysia Today gave all the details regarding KIDEX plus the people behind the project. In fact, those involved even issued a statement confirming the whole thing. But there was no response from the public or from the opposition. There was total silence.
Then, one year later, the contract was signed. Only then did the opposition jump onto the bandwagon, after it was a fait accompli. Why not raise this issue a year before that, before the contract was signed? Why scream only after the contract is signed and when it is too late to do anything about it?
The opposition could have tried to block the project, or at least get the terms changed to be more favourable to the rakyat. But they did not. They kept quiet for one year and allowed the project to go on and only after it is done they start screaming.
In short, the opposition wanted KIDEX to go on so that they could use it as a political issue. If it was blocked and did not happen then it would not be a political issue.
I doubt the sincerity of the opposition in fighting abuse of power and corruption. Do they really want to see abuse of power and corruption eliminated or are they happy it exists so that the opposition has something to scream about? If there is no abuse of power and corruption then the opposition will be bankrupted of issues.
Take Selangor as one example. Back in 2010 I already highlighted the weaknesses in the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government. I even published documents to support my allegation.
Pakatan Rakyat then called me a liar and alleged that I had been ‘bought’ (they did not deny that the documents were authentic). They challenged me to return to Malaysia with the evidence and even offered to pay for my trip back to Malaysia, knowing I cannot do that for obvious reasons.
Then, four years later, after openly and publicly declaring that Khalid Ibrahim is the cleanest Menteri Besar in Selangor’s history, they expose all the alleged weaknesses and transgressions in the Selangor state government administration and allege all sorts of improprieties, abuse of power, corruption and whatnot.
Just four years earlier they called me a liar. Then they allege all sorts of things that were wrong with the Selangor state government. Are they, therefore, saying I did not lie? How can I have been lying in 2010 when four years later they allege the same thing?
So now there is something wrong with Selangor after all, when just four years earlier there was nothing wrong. And one of the things that is wrong is KIDEX, which I revealed one year before it happened and which they did nothing about for a couple of years.
As I said, it is a total waste of time talking about abuse of power and corruption when there is no sincerity in fighting it, whether it is Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat.
The ‘hot issue’ today is regarding Universiti Malaya and how there is no freedom of speech and how Anwar Ibrahim is barred from speaking within the university grounds and so on.
Around 30 years ago, when Anwar was the Education Minister, I wrote him a long letter regarding a few issues. My cousin, Walter Salmon, was in my office in Kuala Terengganu at that time and even helped me correct my English. (Remember that event Wally? You changed my use of ‘mankind’ to ‘humankind’ to be more gender correct.)
I then went to meet Anwar in his office and he told me, “Phew, that was a very long letter indeed.” We then discussed the issues I had raised in that letter.
As I said, there were many issues. And one of those many issues was about freedom of speech and how university students should be allowed certain freedoms, including the freedom to speak out against the government.
But Anwar was not receptive to these ideas. He felt that by allowing too much freedom the opposition, which was already gaining ground, would penetrate the universities and turn the students against the government.
Yes, that is right, when Anwar was in the government and holding the post of Education Minister, he did not think it was a good idea to allow the students too much freedom because this will just help the opposition.
Today, Anwar is lamenting about the lack of freedom and how the students are being barred from inviting him to speak in the universities. Was that not what I asked him for 30 years ago, more freedom for the students? And was this not what he disagreed with, more freedom for the students? So why is he grumbling today?
I have given up with this ‘cause’? In fact, I gave up four years ago when they made it very clear the opposition does not welcome criticism. And today they are saying the same thing as what I said all those years. And when I said that Pakatan Rakyat’s so-called ‘solidarity’ and ‘agree to disagree’ and ‘consensus’ is bullshit and is built on quicksand they allege that I am a government agent.
And, today, even Lim Kit Siang admits that this is true without saying, ‘this is precisely what Raja Petra Kamarudin has been saying all these years and which we whacked him for saying it’.
Pergi mampuslah Pakatan Rakyat!

12 December 2014

BN Bakal Hilang Sarawak

Harap pemimpin BN tidak terus lalai.. gambar dibawah adalah sangat memalukan.. adakah BN tidak mampu melakukan seperti ini atau lebih lagi.. takkan kerajaan tak cukup atau tiada dana untuk kerja-kerja macam ni.. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS !!


11 December 2014

Bas Rentong.. Nasib Baik Pemandu Terselamat

Anggota bomba berusaha memadamkan api yang memusanhkan hampir keseluruhan bas ekspres itu.

SIMPANG RENGGAM - Seorang lelaki bernasib baik kerana berjaya menyelamatkan diri selepas  bas ekspress dua tingkat yang dipandunya terbakar berhampiran kilometer 51.1, arah selatan, Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan, di sini, semalam.

Jurucakap Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Johor memaklumkan, pemandu berumur 30 tahun itu memandu bersendirian dan tidak membawa penumpang dalam perjalanan dari Batu Pahat ke Johor Bahru.

Pihaknya menerima panggilan daripada orang ramai berhubung kejadian terbabit pada kira-kira jam 6.41 pagi dan tiba ke lokasi kira-kira 25 minit kemudian oleh anggota operasi dari Balai Bomba Renggam untuk memadamkan kebakaran.

"Anggota daripada Balai Bomba Ayer Hitam turut ke lokasi kejadian bagi membantu memadamkan kebakaran manakala api berjaya dikawal kira-kira jam 7.15 pagi manakala mangsa tidak mengalami kecederaan serius," katanya.

Pihak bomba sedang menjalankan siasatan mengenai punca kebakaran bas ekspres dua tingkat terbabit. Bagaimanapun hasil siasatan awal mendapati kenderaan terbabit tidak mengalami sebarang pelanggaran sebelum ia terbakar.

Akibat daripada kebakaran bas ekspres terbabit lokasi kejadian mengalami kesesakan namun keadaannya masih berjaya dikawal khususnya keadaan trafik dari arah selatan.

30 November 2014

New York Buktikan Faedah Berhijab Utk Wanita

Suatu kajian santai dilakukan di New York untuk melihat kesan penggunaan hijab oleh wanita. Lihat sendiri dan nilaikan sendiri..

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