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07 July 2015

Kalau Nak Kena Gelar "Scum" Dgn TunM

Bank Account

1. Several blogs have given space to a scurrilous statement that I, my wife and my children, have USD 199.45 million and S $ 42,000,000 in fixed deposit in the Israeli National Bank in Singapore. 

2. The scum who alleges this does not have the guts to give his name. 

3. UMNO can make a statement about the money I gave to Dato Abdullah when I stepped down. Better still Dato Abdullah can explain how much of the 1.4 billion Ringgit in cash, shares and property that my staff and one of his Ministers handed over to him is still with him. 

4. I give full permission for the Israeli National Bank to make public these accounts so that I can claim the money said to belong to me and my family.

6. As for the anonymous scum, give your true name, I/C and address so that I can sue you. 

Oil Price and Bus Fares 

1. Every time the Government increase oil price, the bus companies would be told not to increase fares.

2. I do not like to see passengers having to pay more. But how do bus companies make profit or even survive if increases in cost are not compensated by increases in fare.

3. I can understand if the Government requests the bus companies not to increase fares too much. But there must be some increase.

4. Perhaps the Minister does not understand that businesses are not charitable organisations. If the Government cannot be charitable by absorbing the cost, why should businesses be asked to absorb the cost in order to make the Government look good.

Government to cut down cost

1. As one of the measures to reduce the effect of the increase the price of oil Government will reduce spending.

2. Since salaries and operation cost cannot be reduced, development cost would have to be curtailed.

3. When Government projects are stopped a whole lot of people will lose their income. This include the contractors, the sub-contractors, the suppliers, the transport companies and of course the workers. But even the nasi lemak sellers would lose their income and the workers would have no money to eat at the stalls.

4. Actually this was what happened when the Government decided not to go ahead with the so-called mega projects. With this idea about reducing Government spending the people who had suffered would suffer even more.

05 July 2015

Dah Mula Nampak Melayu Mula Panas Terhadap Cina DAP

Malang sekali nasib Lim Kit Siang yang dihalau dari Masai Johor... apakah tanda semua ini.. mungkin Melayu dah mula sedar, jelak, muak dengan wayang Cina DAP ... kita tengoklah nanti apa lagi wayang yg Cina DAP nak tontonkan..

Will PM Be Prosecuted?

Breaking News : AG, IGP, MACC Chief Have Already Met Muhyiddin

Here is some news that is flying around KL. Heard from two sources.

On Friday the Attorney General met the Deputy PM over the latest exposes.

Then yesterday the AG, IGP and the MACC Chief  again met Muhyiddin Yasin (at his house - so they say).

Another source says the meeting discussed if there was a "solid case for prosecution".

If there is a solid case for prosecution, warrants of warm welcome at the Sungai Buloh Country Resort style living must be issued.

If there is no solid case, then just watch the Titanic sink.

28 June 2015

Biography of Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik is an Indian public speaker on the subject of Islam and comparative religion. He is the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF),Before becoming a public speaker, he trained as a medical doctor.He has published booklet versions of lectures on Islam and comparative religion.

Biography :-

Zakir Naik was born in Mumbai, Maharastra, India. He attended St. Peter's High School in Mumbai. Later he enrolled at Kishinchand Chellaram College, before studying medicine at Topiwala National Medical College and Nair Hospital and later the University of Mumbai, where he obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS).[non-primary source needed] His wife, Farhat Naik, works for the women's section of the IRF.

In 1991 he started working in the field of Dawah, and founded the IRF. Naik says he was inspired by Ahmed Deedat, an Islamic preacher, having met him in 1987. (Naik is sometimes referred to as "Deedat plus", a label given to him by Deedat himself.) Naik says that his goal is to "concentrate on the educated Muslim youth who have become apologetic about their own religion and have started to feel the religion is outdated". He considers it a duty of every Muslim to remove perceived misconceptions about Islam and to counter what he views as the Western media's anti-Islamic bias in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.Naik has said that "despite the strident anti-Islam campaign, 34,000 Americans have embraced Islam from September 2001 to July 2002". He says Islam is a religion of reason and logic, and that the Quran contains 1000 verses relating to science, which he says explains the number of Western converts. Some of his articles are published in magazines such as Islamic Voice.

Naik is the founder of the Islamic International School in Mumbai. and United Islamic Aid, which provides scholarship to poor and destitute Muslim youth.

Lectures and debates :-

Naik has held many debates and lectures around the world. Anthropologist Thomas Blom Hansen has written that Naik's style of memorising the Quran and Hadith literature in various languages, and his related missionary activity, has made him extremely popular in Muslim circles. Many of his debates are recorded and widely distributed in video and DVD media and online. His talks are usually recorded in English and broadcast on weekends on several cable networks in Mumbai's Muslim neighbourhoods, and on the Peace TV channel, which he co-produces. Topics he speaks on include: "Islam and Modern Science", "Islam and Christianity", and "Islam and secularism". Peace TV channel has been banned in India since 2012.

One of Naik's most-cited debates was with William Campbell in Chicago in April 2000, on the topic of "The Qur'an and the Bible: In the Light of Science". On 21 January 2006 Naik held an inter-religious dialogue with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bangalore about the concept of God in Islam and Hinduism. In February 2011 Naik addressed the Oxford Union via video link from India. Every year since November 2007 Naik has led a 10-day Peace Conference at Somaiya Ground, Sion, Mumbai. Lectures on Islam have been presented by Naik and twenty other Islamic speakers.

Naik argues that scientific theories were prophesised by the Quran. For example, he says certain verses of the Quran accurately describe embryological development.

23 June 2015

Isteri Pakai Lilin

SUASANA bahagia di rumah pasangan suami isteri yang baru sahaja mendirikan rumahtangga empat bulan yang lalu. Si isteri berbisik kepada suaminya.

Isteri: Abang sayang dah dua bulan lewat tau rasanya sayang mengandunglah abang

Suami: Eh yeke? Tapi kita kena pastikan betul-betul, tak mengapa besok abang bawak sayang jumpa doktor.

Mereka berpakat untuk menyimpan rahsia dan tidak memberitahu sesiapa. Petang itu ketika si suami tiada di rumah, datang seorang pekerja TNB ke rumah pasangan itu kerana sudah dua bulan bil elektrik rumah mereka tertunggak.

Pekerja TNB: Kak saya dapat tahu akak dah dua bulan lewat jadi pihak TNB dah tak boleh tunggu lagi ni kak.

Menyangkakan pekerja TNB tersebut bercakap mengenai haidnya yang sudah dua bulan lewat, si isteri mengherdik pekerja TNB itu.

Isteri: Apa? Saya dah dua bulan lewat pun awak tahu? Ini mesti suami saya yang bagi tahu! Dia kata tak mahu bagitau orang lain.

Pekerja TNB: Eh, mana ada kak, suami akak tak bagitahu pun. Sekarang zaman internet kak, semua boleh check online je. Ada yang lebih teruk dari akak sampai lima enam bulan lewat pun ada. Kami ada rekod check internet je.

Isteri: Awak jangan tipu, nanti suami saya balik saya tanya dia.

Pekerja TNB: Oklah kalau macam tu kak, saya balik dulu, saya pun banyak kerja ni.

Malam itu, pasangan itu bergaduh besar. Si suami mati-mati tak mengaku dia telah memberitahu pekerja TNB itu tentang haid isterinya yang sudah dua bulan lewat.

Esoknya si suami terus pergi ke pejabat TNB kerana berang dengan kejadian itu. Tanpa memberi salam apa lagi memberi salam, si suami terus mengamuk dan memarahi staff TNB yang ada di situ.

Suami: Korang semua ni buat kerja apa ha? Orang dua tiga bulan lewat pun korang boleh tahu, aku tak pernah pun bagitau kat korang!

Fahamlah mereka bahawa lelaki yang sedang mengamuk itu berang dengan tunggakan bil elektriknya. Tambah lagi memang selalu orang datang di situ mengamuk pasal bil elektrik tertunggak.

Staff TNB: Eh kami tak perlu makluman daripada encik, kami boleh check di internet, berapa bulan lewat pun kami tahu. Ini memang kerja kami.

Suami: Woi! Apa celaka korang ni orang dua bulan lewat pun sampai nak masukkan dalam internet, korang nak kena saman ke?

Kebetulan pekerja TNB yang datang ke rumahnya semalam ada di situ, cuba menenangkan keadaan.

Pekerja TNB: Sabar encik, sabar, beginilah encik bayar je senang habis cerita.

Suami: Eh, aku pulak kena bayar? Jangan harap!

Pekerja TNB: Kalau encik taknak bayar kami terpaksa potonglah encik.

Suami: Amboi banyak cantik! Ko nak potong apa? Nak potong aku punya? Habis isteri aku kat rumah nak pakai apa?

Pekerja TNB: Pakai lah LILIN.

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