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23 July 2014

Israel Attack Al-Jazeera Office in Gaza

Al-Jazeera journalists evacuate their building in Gaza
Al-Jazeera journalists evacuate their building after it came under fire in Gaza. Photograph: Majdi Fathi/NurPhoto/Rex Features
Israel's army has denied targeting the Gaza offices of al-Jazeera TV after the network's correspondents reported that the building had come under fire on Tuesday.
Staff in Gaza said their 11th floor bureau was hit by two Israeli bullets as a crew was preparing to broadcast live from the balcony. "Two very precise shots were fired straight into our building," said Stefanie Dekker. "We are high up in the building so we had a very strong vantage point over the area. But we have evacuated." Al-Jazeera aired footage of their staff standing outside the building.
A spokesman for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said no warning shots had been fired but could not confirm or deny whether there had been indirect damage to the building from firing at nearby military targets, the Jerusalem Post reported.
The incident came a day after Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, called for al-Jazeera to be banned.
Lieberman accused the Qatar-based channel of being a mouthpiece for Hamas, and said the foreign ministry was taking steps to prevent it from broadcasting from Gaza, according to Israel's Channel 2 TV.
Al-Jazeera "has abandoned even the perception of being a reliable news organisation and broadcasts from Gaza and to the world anti-Israel incitement, lies, and encouragement to the terrorists," he said.
"All the big networks operate in Israel, some of them are not exactly pro-Zionist, and yet as a democratic state we allow them to operate here. In the case of al-Jazeera it is not an issue of freedom of the media but of a terrorist wing that currently fights against Israel."
A statement posted on the al-Jazeera website said: "Al-Jazeera network considers statements made against it by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman a direct incitement. (It) considers (his) comments as a very serious matter. Israel is accountable for the safety of al-Jazeera teams working in Israel and the Palestinian territories."
Al-Jazeera also reported that Israel's communications minister, Gilad Erdan, has asked Israeli cable and satellite providers to stop airing al-Jazeera, calling it an "enemy" broadcaster. The request is not mandatory.
Al-Jazeera said: "Our journalists have been doing an outstanding job in reporting to our mass audience in the region what is happening on the ground. A threat to one is a threat to all, and this is a dark sign for all journalists operating in the territory. Journalists must be protected while doing their job of giving the public information they have the right to know, helping them understand what is going on. Journalism is not a crime!"
Al-Jazeera has often come under fire in war zones and been banned, at different times, from almost every country in the Middle East. Its most recent troubles have been in Egypt, where three journalists working for al-Jazeera English were sentenced to between seven and 10 years in jail on charges of aiding terrorists and endangering national security.

22 July 2014

MH17 :Bravo Najib

Najib's quiet diplomacy

"...(Malaysia) achieved what pressure from far more powerful nations had failed to accomplish". 
Getting the job done. People who know Capt Nik know that he's not one to easily praise anyone or anything (bikes, included). So I sat up when I readhis salute to Najib Razak over the PM's brokering for MH17. This was before Sahur time (I usually have sahur just before 5am) and I was reading hard between the lines to see if Xr Rider isn't being sarcastic!
This morning the New York Times talked about the deal by the Najib for the return of the bodies and black box and safe passage the international team. I'm not sure what our clever commentators out there would have to say and honestly, I don't give a tutt anymore. They are not going to agree that against the apparent US/NATO agenda to use the MH17 to isolate Russia, Najib has done rather well by all of us. *
Capt Nik's FB posting:

A Proud and Sad Event.

Well Done PM Najib. You pulled it off. Quiet Diplomacy did it.
They trust Malaysia.   
No one can ever imagine the difficulties in dealing with forces at war in a country so far away.


Cick to enlarge; go to Xr Rider to read the comments

NST's sms alert on NYT's write-up:
RM0 NST 22/07: MH17: New York Times praises PM Najib for brokering deal to recover black boxes, remains of victims and secure safe access to crash site
The NYT article:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Prime Minister Najib Razak’s announcement that his government had reached an agreement with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, for the transfer of the bodies and so-called black boxes from Flight 17 to Malaysian representatives there, apparently achieved what pressure from far more powerful nations had failed to accomplish.
... If all participants honor the deal, it would be a diplomatic success for Malaysia. Mr. Najib said that at times over the past few days he had wanted to be more outspoken about events in Ukraine, “but sometimes, we must work quietly in the service of a better outcome.” 
The agreement is the result of an unusual spate of diplomacy by Mr. Najib, who held a series of secret telephone calls with Mr. Borodai. A person with a detailed knowledge of the negotiations said that Mr. Borodai concluded that he would only release the bodies and black boxes to Malaysia, although Malaysia would then transfer the bodies to the Netherlands and make the black boxes available for an international investigation. 
The backdrop for the negotiations was a slowly growing criticism within Malaysia, including by some in the political opposition, that Mr. Najib did not appear to be more publicly critical of the separatists or Russia. - Read the article H E R E 

*p.s. Quietly, our Foreign Minister Anifah Aman left for Kiev the other day to ensure that the deal happens. Some of us were supposed to have a buka puasa with him this evening and are extremely happy and proud that he had stood us up! Godspeed!! 

21 July 2014

Penamatan Servis Arak, Untuk Lebih Berkat Dimasa Hadapan MAS

SHAH ALAM – Syarikat penerbangan nasional, Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) sekali lagi ditegur agar menghentikan penyediaan arak di dalam pesawat.

Teguran itu dibuat Pensyarah Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Profesor Datuk Dr Asri Zainul Abidin melalui kemas kini status Facebooknya, hari ini.

Beliau yang juga bekas Mufti Perlis membangkitkan persoalan-persoalan tentang cadangan memberhentikan penjualan arak dalam pesawat yang sudah lama dibangkitkan.

“Banyak keputusan yang kerajaan kita buat yang kadang-kala merugikan negara berpuluh dan beratus juta (ringgit).

“Walaupun keputusan sebegitu dibuat atas alasan tertentu. Tidak bolehkah, sejak sekian lama rungutan dan cadangan agar kerajaan menamatkan perkhidmatan arak dalam MAS dilaksanakan?,” tulisnya.

Beliau mengulang kembali cadangan ini selepas meyuarakannya ketika insiden MH370, Mac lalu.

“Berapa kerat manusia yang tidak mahu naik kapal terbang kerana tiada arak? Berapa kerat manusia yang tidak boleh ‘travel’ jika tidak dalam keadaan 'tipsy'?

“Masa MH370 saya telah cadangkan hal ini. Ini MH17, saya mohon cadangkan kepada kerajaan sekali lagi. Hentikan arak dalam MAS moga kita dirahmati ALLAH,” katanya.

20 July 2014

Flight MH17 - You Are Not Alone

MH71 - You are not alone, you are not here with me but you are always in my heart. 

19 July 2014

Kenapa Wartawan Rusia Meletak Jawatan Berkaitan Berita MH17?

  • Sara Firth. - Foto TwitterSara Firth. - Foto Twitter

MOSCOW - RUSIA. Seorang wartawan Rusia dilapor mengumumkan meletak jawatan selepas kecewa dengan cara liputan agensi di mana dia bertugas membabitkan nahas MH17.

Sara Firth seorang wartawan dari stesen televisyen Russian Today (RT).

Dia merupakan wartawan kedua yang meletak jawatan dari stesen televisyen terbabit.

Mac lalu, seorang wartawan RT turut meletak jawatan atas alasan kecewa dengan cara pemberitaan membabitkan krisis di Ukraine.

“Saya meletakkan jawatan hari ini. Saya sangat menghormati rakan setugas saya tetapi berpegang kepada kebenaran,” kata Firth menerusi laman Twitternya @Sara_Firth.

Stesen RT yang dibiayai kerajaan Rusia bagaimanapun dalam reaksinya kepada AFP berkata, “Firth telah meluahkan pendiriannya yang memilih kebenaran tetapi pihak kami mempunyai versi tersendiri mengenai maksud sebenar kebenaran”, kata jurucakap stesen itu.

Firth membuat kenyataan selepas seorang blogger menuduh rakan sekerjanya, Polly Boiko menerima rasuah untuk membantu menyebarkan penipuan Presiden Rusia, Vladmir Putin mengenai perkara sebenar yang berlaku terhadap MH17 yang terhempas di timur Ukraine pada Khamis.

“Apa yang yang telah saya sebarkan?” tanya Boiko dalam reaksi balasnya.

Menurut Firth itu satu "penipuan". Tambahnya "kami (wartawan) sememangnya bekerja untuk Putin. Kami diminta setiap hari untuk melaporkan perkara yang tidak benar.

“Kami hanya makan gaji dan kerana itu kami harus mematuhinya,” tegasnya.

Firth telah menukar nama akaun Twitternya @SaraFirth_RT bagi mengelak dari dikaitkan dengan saluran televisyen itu lagi.

18 July 2014

MH17 : Video Terkini Dari LifeNews

Video ngeri yg juga memuatkan petikan keadaan beberapa mangsa, tiket dan pasport.
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